Remember when some of ya'll said that it was too early to decide whether AMD was "back"?

How about now:

PS: Not an "in your face", it's a serious question

Oh heck, the productivity test poor things! I know where I'm putting my money in my next build.

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@brandon not silly response:

Oh wow that seems like a big step toward making not-just-fan-based-cooling more of a default in desktops.

@emsenn the on-mobo cooling seems to be fan-based though, did I miss what you intended to say?

@brandon Oh, no, I misassumed and thought it meant like, it needed a place to hook into liquid cooling from the mobo

@emsenn Oh no, there will literally be fans ON the mobo cooling the mobo chipset

@brandon interesting!

I wonder what the co2 output of using a computer with all this for text editing for an hour is, versus something like an RPi.

(I know this CAN do much more, I'm curious about its footprint when it's doing nominal work.)

@emsenn co2 output? I don't think that computers exhaust co2 🤔

@brandon Sorry, what I mean more directly is I wonder what their electrical use is, and what that means given the average power plant's co2/wh rate.

@brandon For example, sitting "idle" with me using it as a text editor, my desktop+monitor pull about 80 watts, while my laptop pulled about 11 watts.

That's, if I recall, about a difference of ~0.02g an hour, or ~0.16g over a day, or ~58g a year.

Which isn't much, but that's still 58g of wasted energy, just because I'm typing into one computer instead of another.

@emsenn I think the numbers will change depending on the source of the electricity. For example hydroelectric vs. burning coal

@brandon Which is why i said based on the average power plant output? Come on man, we're talking averages, you can't go "but specifics." Logic fallacy yellow card.

"Me doing the thing is okay" doesn't change how many people get their energy from non-renewables, that you're moving the overton window of consumer needs toward higher power-consumption, etc.


@emsenn I really don't want to participate in this discussion.

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