This one's quite lengthy compared to the average but I'm talking about misinformation, disinformation, and information overload in the real-time news cycle:

Let me know what you think? I definitely anticipate some discussion around this

@brandon why highlight two different more liberal ideologies? Better to level criticism as those with ideological flaws and the systemic power to implement and enforce, I think.

Also, often why those on the left don't care to listen to the details of Others is because those details are predicated on treating them as less than human, and so the finer points aren't really relevant. 1/n

@brandon I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion; as you know I advocate for limiting a conversation's audience, rather than content, but you know that.

But yea. Seems weird to highlight the dangers of a mass of people being misled by superficial education, and then point to the half of society that isn't in control of our current dangerous society.

@emsenn This isn't about politics. This is about critical thinking. The problem is far from limited to the left.

I'm going to switch the "left-leaning" to "being conservative"

@brandon I understand what you intend to, but you shouldn't disregard the implications of what you're saying - you're saying people who too strongly identify with being LGBTQ shouldn't talk it unless they understand it academically because "[them] putting your incorrect two cents might actually hurt a cause [they]’re trying to support."

Yes, that's an unforgiving read of your intention - but to someone who wants to hear that, it's exactly what they'll hear, and be pleased for it.

@brandon It's like what I said earlier; don't punch down, punching yourself is performative, punching up helps cultivate an attitude of criticism toward the status quo.

@brandon Better, but your response of "this isn't about politics," really sat wrong with me. Yes... it is? In times such as these, few things aren't. You criticize folk for saying "oh I don't know that much," but saying "I meant it hypothetically," or "I meant this to be casual," can be harmful in the same ways - and for many of the same reasons.

You're telling people how to approach the construction of their ideology - that includes political ideology. Don't shirk the responsibility of that; you assumed the responsibility voluntarily by distributing the text. It's a cop-out to say "I wrote this thing about theory, but hey - don't apply it to the practical field I analogize it against."

I guess in short, generalize your own advice, then take it.

@brandon And personally, I wouldn't mention liberals at all, when there are literal fascists marching around because of the same thing. Like, a water leak at my sink and a water leak at the treatment plant might both be caused because of shoddy maintenance schedules, but one of those is affecting a whole lot of people and the other just... isn't, really. It might in the future, or could in a different reality, but again, our reality has actual fascists so uh. Address that.

@brandon Also even though you've changed it, applying the analogy to your sentence results in, "If you, [an LGBT person,] identify strong with [that identity], oftentimes an attack on [LGBT identities] is perceived as an attack on you."

Yes. That's an accurate perception; I can't think of a sitaution where someone is attacking LGBT gender/sexuality theory isn't attacking those people Example:

"People who go by the name Brandon are incapable of feeling love."

Was that a personal attack?

@emsenn I removed the mention of liberalism and conservatism and switched it to skateboarding and being a parent.

It was the first few things that popped in my head and I changed to those other things I changed it to because I was busy and maybe I shoud have just taken it down and reposted it after I wasn't so busy

@emsenn Irony aplenty here I see :P

Hey, is your audience escalation post still available online? I want to reference it in my next post which is a report after 20 days of writing

@brandon Iunno how i want people to link to my stuff these days, since i move stuff and change opinions. I've emailed you a fresh rendering of the text.

@emsenn I hope you don't mind but would you be able to render that in MD?

I'm linking to it in my next post which is a report on how my 100 days of writing is going.

for this I'm saying how I need to practice that

@brandon Cool! Sorry about the difficulty in getting it to you; I almost said you can quote it and tell people they can email me for the full thing, lol

@brandon in hindsight i could've given you Hugo-ready Markdown, whoops.

@emsenn that's not a problem but just for reference in the future, it seems that fastmail does render indentation quoting so maybe for sending people plaintext it would be better in a txt file

@brandon you can click More on the mail message and then "Show Raw Message," on your end, but you're right i could, just didn't think of it.

@emsenn oh shoot I didn't even think of that! Thanks for the tip 👌👌👌

@emsenn sorry for brief response, on the phone with mom arm

@brandon no worries but i'm not so you get a long reply :P

@brandon I like your suggestion that the mind simply can't parse the flow of data. We're made to feel ashamed that we didn't do enough work, that if we just read one more article, perhaps from a different perspective, then things would make sense. Advertising, curiously, has long known and exploited the fact that people cannot be rational at all times (hence why branding is so important). It seems telling--or simply depressing--that the news repeats the logic of advertising.

@brandon Interesting. Though little confusing at first, but, reading through the comments I now see some things were replaced.

@jordan31 yeah I think I'm gonna have to look through the post again and clarify some things 🤔

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