Windows 10 upgrade is coming down the pipe in the next year for my organization. Over 10,000 PCs distributed over 5 sites, all have to be done clean install. fuck.

@brandon I guess I'm the "lucky" one, I have only about 50 to convert/replace, that is still about 2/week.
10k = ~77 a day assuming getting it done before 1/14/2020. :O Can't even imagine.
@geniusmusing @brandon I’d say I’m the lucky one. Most of our Windows version upgrades are: a newly-imaged machine is shipped from HQ (often including custom software for the user’s job), we copy the user’s data over, then wipe the old machine and ship it to HQ. There’s always a healthy number that require us to reimage locally, but getting most of them ready to use makes that a lot easier.

@lnxw48a1 @geniusmusing well I would say that I'm the person from HQ shipping you the computer LMAO

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