Windows 10 upgrade is coming down the pipe in the next year for my organization. Over 10,000 PCs distributed over 5 sites, all have to be done clean install. fuck.

Write a shell script to automate the process.
Or better.
Put all drives on RAID 1 and then do 1 install.

I may be high @brandon

@murtezayesil Well the process is mostly automated, the problem is that there's maybe 2,000 different software configurations and every PC has to have their shit backed up because people don't listen when they're told "SAVE ON THE FUCKING NETWORK DRIVE"

@brandon @murtezayesil I can help, that is precisely what I did previously - nothing changes (in 20 yrs)

@brandon LTBS or mainline Windows 10? We have a tonne of PCs, most on Win 10, I haven't heard of any meteoric changes coming down the line...

@brandon Oh.

My condolences. To whom should I address the flowers to?

We're in the process of forcing people off of Windows 7 either by automated update or forcing their hand with device upgrades. Either way, it's been a fun* ride.

*: Not fun.

@ndegruchy thank you for the thoughts and prayers 😂

Yeah and it doesn't help that there's over 2000 software loadout configurations

@ndegruchy we are trying to have as many windows 10 deployments but soon we'll have no choice for that either

@brandon I want to say it gets easier, but unless you have someone doing comprehensive policies and testing, it just becomes a mixed bag of "fun".

Maybe advocate for one base standard and build on that?

@ndegruchy Well we do have a "golden master" that we put on and then the task sequence takes over and installs the applications.

Problem is only (rough figures) 16 out of like 106 applications are actually "tested Windows 10 compliant"

@brandon hope you will be able to replace at least part of them on to linux :awesome:

@brandon I guess I'm the "lucky" one, I have only about 50 to convert/replace, that is still about 2/week.
10k = ~77 a day assuming getting it done before 1/14/2020. :O Can't even imagine.

@geniusmusing Luckily we paid for post-deadline support so we've got a little more time (I think an extra year or two)

That being said, we could probably upgrade about 40 a day between all the techs

@geniusmusing @brandon I’d say I’m the lucky one. Most of our Windows version upgrades are: a newly-imaged machine is shipped from HQ (often including custom software for the user’s job), we copy the user’s data over, then wipe the old machine and ship it to HQ. There’s always a healthy number that require us to reimage locally, but getting most of them ready to use makes that a lot easier.

@lnxw48a1 @geniusmusing well I would say that I'm the person from HQ shipping you the computer LMAO

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