Great, Spotify on the desktop crashes on startup.

"What's the terminal say?"



Tried removing all traces and then reinstalling, still no dice. Crashes once I log in.

@brandon It'll be all gobblygook assembly code you'd be stepping through, but you could try attaching it to gdb to see if it's perhaps an external library that is causing the problems πŸ€”

@MadestMadness I tried an strace but...11,000+ lines is just...a lot πŸ˜‚

@brandon Could this be called karma for using closed source on open source? :P
@geniusmusing @brandon Uh oh. Plot a course for Talos IV, warp factor ten, before they start firing photon torpedoes.

@brandon Spotify can be weird on Linux. Have you tried the Snap or Flatpak version?


@rtwx was just having issues with this where the ad blocker was causing issues.

@blaubachn @rtwx that's what I'm thinking is the issue. Not an adblocker (I have premium) but some other sort of network connection interruption

@brandon @rtwx My guess is that even with premium there are trackers or other things that it makes sure are available.

@blaubachn @brandon I have premium also. Interestingly once I disabled the PiHole briefly it works fine since even when PiHole is back on.

@blaubachn @brandon oh mine was a mobile tracker from phone app, so might be different.

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