I just found this app and already I'm impressed! I have a fully(?) Free software solution for public transport and holy crap do they have support for so many systems around the world!

Transportr - Open Source Publi (Free Public Transport Assistant without Ads or Tracking) -

I really want to use this, but my contry isn't suported unfortunetly. Still thanks for letting me know of this.

@Twelve it's my pleasure! It seems my area isn't fully supported yet even

#transportr is pretty good -- except when it's not.
Like, if you want to plot a route from A to B. You can tap on the map to define either A or B, but not both. It pops up a dialogue where you have to choose the other from a list or type an address (and good luck with that).

Also, it produced nothing but error messages last time I was in the Netherlands :(

...but still beats installing a new app for each transport provider in every city, by miles.

@Mr_Teatime Absolutely agree! Montreal's STM had their own app at some point but then I think they switched development direction and abandoned it. Then started recommending you use the Transit app (which was fantastic...for a while. Then it got so heavy that I can't stand using it anymore)

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