Moved my bed out into the living room overnight and it was a good sleep surprisedly 👌

On the agenda for today:

- coffee
- laundry
- blog post (ideas?)
- cuddle with cat
- go to brother's for rib dinner 👌

Still haven't gotten my coffee...or left my bed 😂 time for that now?


On that topic, what kind of coffee beans do you use? What kind of coffee do you drink?

@brandon Tea leaves 😆

Never drank more than a couple sips of coffee. It seemed like an addiction I could do without. So now I'm addicted to tea 🤷

@brandon I start the morning with Victor Allen's Seattle Dark, with the STRONG Setting. - DARK THICK BLACK Coffee to start the day. I want something to sink my teeth into.

But at the moment, I'm drinking a Foo Foo Cappuccino. Salted Carmel, I think. - My Sister in law dropped off some random K-Cups that she didn't want.

Now, @claudiom might have some other prefreence's as he likes to ruin his coffee with some weird additives. Cream I think.

@randynose @brandon That would be half-cream, aka half-n-half. And honey to sweeten it. I save the "black arts" for the work week. 😉

@claudiom @randynose heheh I hear ya on the black arts part! I've actually started doing two-night cold-brew for the work week as that will really give you a kick in the pants. Especially on the first sip

Oooohhhh.... I can use the kick in the pants!
Buy as once I am out the door, I have to have what I need with me for the day...


@brandon @claudiom
I've never gotten into the cold brew thing. I suppose I could try it.

@randynose @claudiom I recommend it highly. It means being a little more proactive about the coffee, but it intensifies the coffee's darker tones like chocolatey and earthy tones

@randynose @claudiom I've never had "thick" coffee? Or is that some embellishment?

I prefer a lighter to medium roast personally. I like to taste the notes rather than just bitterness all through and through :P

I do put cream and sugar, but nowhere near how much I used to when I started drinking the stuff

Oh, no. Don't mistake a deep dark rich coffee for a bitter coffee. Starbucks are the idiots that brought that on.
Ok, I don't chew on it, I just want it nice and dark.

@randynose I've experimented with the darker roasts but idk, I like the more fruity tones that a good light-medium roast can give (depending on the bean)

I tend to drink caps and my favorite beans are called white owl? i dont brew my own yet but u think i might start with an aeropress. the place i stay has world class coffee culture though :)

@y0x3y Definitely go with the aeropress! I have a keurig machine that was previously sitting on my counter that now is in my closet because I just stopped using it. Once I bought the aeropress...idk, I just began to feel more satisfied with the coffees I was making.

It's more involved, so maybe I get a sense of fulfillment?

@brandon i've tried aeropress coffee and it's defs worth it, plus it's a pretty cheap setup. i don't mind the involvement, though making two cups at once is a pain (not sure if that'll be a problem yet). ties into putting in effort and enjoying the rewards more because of it

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