Moved my bed out into the living room overnight and it was a good sleep surprisedly πŸ‘Œ

On the agenda for today:

- coffee
- laundry
- blog post (ideas?)
- cuddle with cat
- go to brother's for rib dinner πŸ‘Œ


Still haven't gotten my coffee...or left my bed πŸ˜‚ time for that now?

On that topic, what kind of coffee beans do you use? What kind of coffee do you drink?

@brandon Tea leaves πŸ˜†

Never drank more than a couple sips of coffee. It seemed like an addiction I could do without. So now I'm addicted to tea 🀷

@brandon I start the morning with Victor Allen's Seattle Dark, with the STRONG Setting. - DARK THICK BLACK Coffee to start the day. I want something to sink my teeth into.

But at the moment, I'm drinking a Foo Foo Cappuccino. Salted Carmel, I think. - My Sister in law dropped off some random K-Cups that she didn't want.

Now, @claudiom might have some other prefreence's as he likes to ruin his coffee with some weird additives. Cream I think.

@randynose @brandon That would be half-cream, aka half-n-half. And honey to sweeten it. I save the "black arts" for the work week. πŸ˜‰

@claudiom @randynose heheh I hear ya on the black arts part! I've actually started doing two-night cold-brew for the work week as that will really give you a kick in the pants. Especially on the first sip

Oooohhhh.... I can use the kick in the pants!
Buy as once I am out the door, I have to have what I need with me for the day...


@brandon @claudiom
I've never gotten into the cold brew thing. I suppose I could try it.

@randynose @claudiom I recommend it highly. It means being a little more proactive about the coffee, but it intensifies the coffee's darker tones like chocolatey and earthy tones

@randynose @claudiom I've never had "thick" coffee? Or is that some embellishment?

I prefer a lighter to medium roast personally. I like to taste the notes rather than just bitterness all through and through :P

I do put cream and sugar, but nowhere near how much I used to when I started drinking the stuff

Oh, no. Don't mistake a deep dark rich coffee for a bitter coffee. Starbucks are the idiots that brought that on.
Ok, I don't chew on it, I just want it nice and dark.

@randynose I've experimented with the darker roasts but idk, I like the more fruity tones that a good light-medium roast can give (depending on the bean)

I tend to drink caps and my favorite beans are called white owl? i dont brew my own yet but u think i might start with an aeropress. the place i stay has world class coffee culture though :)

@y0x3y Definitely go with the aeropress! I have a keurig machine that was previously sitting on my counter that now is in my closet because I just stopped using it. Once I bought the aeropress...idk, I just began to feel more satisfied with the coffees I was making.

It's more involved, so maybe I get a sense of fulfillment?

@brandon i've tried aeropress coffee and it's defs worth it, plus it's a pretty cheap setup. i don't mind the involvement, though making two cups at once is a pain (not sure if that'll be a problem yet). ties into putting in effort and enjoying the rewards more because of it

@brandon We bought some bulk Nicaraguan dark roast whole bean last night. It used to be our go to but then something happened. The flavor went way off. It brewing right now. I'm hopeful. Hoping for former greatness to return.

@DistroJunkie I hope the former greatness is there too!

Where do you buy your whole beans?

@DistroJunkie Darn we don't have those here. I often question the freshness of the roast from grocery stores. It's appalling how old some of the beans can be sometimes

@DistroJunkie AWESOME :D Now you can also try a cold brew tomorrow once I post my guide ;)

@brandon Naw, I don't do cold brew. Spouse bought me a press after I told her not to. Nobody wanted it. Ended up throwing it away. Don't fuck with my coffee(and everybody will be alright)πŸ˜ƒ

@DistroJunkie But...why not? You can also try cold brew, but drinking it hot

@brandon I'm happy with what I have. It's been working for me for over 30 years. No need to hipster it up. This works. Remember, I'm an old graybeard.πŸ˜ƒ

@brandon No need. Don't need to spend money on gear. Happy with what I have. Besides, spouse would be really pissed after I threw the other press away.

@randynose @brandon 30 years in November. Don't know how we've made it this long.πŸ˜ƒ
Can't believe she's put up with me this long.πŸ˜ƒ

@DistroJunkie @brandon

My sister said this about her marriage after about 25 years or so.....

"Whomever you're married to is going to have flaws, best to keep the ones that you're familiar with."

Congrats. You probably aren't all that bad. And it's obvious that after 30 years, you know not to go shakin' up a hornets nest regarding coffee.

After all, we're a nation that tosses tea into a bay due to a 3% tax. LOL Sheesh. IF the founding fathers were here today, they'd smack us all.

@randynose @brandon My spouse told that if she leaves me, I'd be married again within a year. I told her no way. I'm not going through this with anybody else, ever again. Don't know how she took that. But I'm not, I don't have it in me to invest this much in a relationship again.

I'm on my 2nd marriage, the first one killed me emotionally, mentally, and financially. Same thing for my wife.
It's a bit different the second time around. But I hear you. What killed things for us was having young kids, the timing of it makes a difference also when kids are involved.
It's rough on everyone.


@randynose @brandon My first left me when I was in the USAF. It's hard for a marriage to survive the rigors of military life. Haven't talked to or seen her since 1987. Have no desire to. She lives in Australia now. If you have to have an ex, upside down on the other side of the world is a good place to have one. I wish her well but don't need to dig up the past.

I will take it that there were no kids?
Well, from my experiences, I would say that it was my age and hormones and not the military that would have made a difference. At least For me.

@randynose @brandon
No kids, just a bunch of debt that took years to pay off. Some of, I didn't even know about until after we divorced. Also, after she filed, she figured out that I was obliged to keep sending her money until I kinda forced the issue a year later. So I spent a year in limbo. I knew I didn't want to dig up the past.

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@DistroJunkie Don't need a press :P I also outlined a grounds removal method with a traditional coffee machine πŸ‘Œ

@brandon Why mess with something that works fine just the way it is?

@brandon If I try after throwing away the press, there will be hell to pay. Have you ever been married?πŸ˜ƒ

@brandon " I didn't know how happy I was until I got married. Then it was too late."

I think I stole that from Henny Youngman.

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