@brandon Nice way of thinking about it. Also you are right, it would have to stay local in order for it to work. With fossil fuels we spend a butt ton local, nation, and internationally. Overall I think for the economy, fossil fuels are still better, but, for the environment I believe electric cars are the way.

@jordan31 what actually inspired this article was seeing more and more charging stations installed for parking spots here in Montreal. I figured well, they're making money locally by installing these, surely. And then I imagined all cars being charged like this.

I worry, however, about the cost of maintenance. Especially with how some have already driven off with gas nozzles still in their tanks!

@brandon I would love to see some numbers on this topic from the U.S.A. federal government. It would be interesting to see what they think.

@jordan31 I would as well! But I'm too lazy to do the research on that :/

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