Crap, let's make it a poll now:

Is AMD back? Please boost

@brandon What's an AMD?


All my phones and tablets ran/run on AMD. So it's safe to say they never were gone.

@aeveltstra Your experience does not match the majority 🤷‍♂️ :P

But I didn't even know there were AMD tablets

@geniusmusing @brandon Hmm. I was wrong. No AMD chips in my current phone. It's Mediatek. I could have sworn it was AMD, but all I see are announcements of chips that are meant for mobile phones; not one model that actually uses them.

@brandon @aeveltstra
We will have to wait to catch up to the future, it might just make a great Linux phone.

@geniusmusing @aeveltstra I would prefer to see a RISC-V chip in a phone before I see an AMD phone. Thass juss me doe

@brandon @aeveltstra
I would just like to see a RISC-V in anything beyond a dev-kit. Guessing AMD will beat them to the mobile market.

Probably except RISCV is open source so theoretically any company can make these processors

@geniusmusing In response to the comment from the SD reader, I'd say the reason is either bullying from the larger manufacturers, lack of support from vendors due to the lack of margin that can be had by buying AMD/Intel/Qualcomm/etc., or because of lack of support from software developers in the past.

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