Crap, let's make it a poll now:

Is AMD back? Please boost

[X] still too soon to tell
I can hope, used them only for years but had too many issues with Linux in the past, not all AMD issues but the associated hardware that was packaged with it.

@geniusmusing When was the last time you had used them? I think some of it could have been chalked up to Linux immaturity

@brandon Last desktop and notebook were AMD's, replaced late last year/early this year with "gently used hardware". The notebook is the biggest difference, old one would take about a minute to get to login, the current one in about 15 seconds, both about same age, will post notebook details later if I can.

@geniusmusing That sounds odd when considering it's simply AMD vs Intel in that case. Are you sure that the AMD laptop didn't have a hard disk and the Intel one has an SSD?

@brandon I have to fire up the AMD notebook to be sure of CPU speed but they both had SSD's when I was using them, different Samsung models and sizes but same version of Fedora so a level base for starting times. I will know the SSD model for the AMD notebook for sure tomorrow.
@brandon Specs for notebooks, missing old SSD model.
Notebook: HP ProBook 455 G1
Processors: AMD Elite A6-4400M (3.2 GHz/2.7 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache) APU with AMD Radeon HD 7520G Graphics
Memory: 8GiB
Mods: Added Samsung SSD model TBD, guessing 840.

Notebook: HP ProBook 450 G3
Processors: Intel Core i7-6500U with Intel HD Graphics 520 (2.5 GHz, up to 3.1 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 4 MB cache, 2 cores)
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
Mods: Added 8GiB ram for total 16GiB, added Samsung SSD 840 EVO 1TB

@geniusmusing If I'm being totally honest here, I think the MAJOR difference here that's affecting that would be the amount of cache available to the CPU

I'm not sure how much of a boost the hyperthreading on the Intel CPU can give too though, maybe about 30% faster if all else was the same?

I do think the specs can't be compared much

@brandon I can agree with that and they came out about a year apart, the Intel later. But just looking at the specs you would think it would be close in power/speed but the Intel just blows the AMD away.

@geniusmusing I think it's partly because of the way marketing has trained us to believe that more clockspeed and cores is what matters most when realistically there are many other bottlenecks at play.

And even when all specs are the same, you can still get widely varying results due to different microcode, different manufacturing processes, different architectures even.

An ARM processor with identical specs to given Intel processor will certainly not perform the same way.

@brandon I think part of my switch was to try Qubes OS and my notebook wasn't compatible. Some day I will try it.
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