@brandon You must've been thinking about "Paris in the the spring!".

We forgive you. ☺️

@brandon That's not a bad price per month. I pay more than that on a monthly basis for one car, add in more and yeah lol. But I can say I love to drive. Nothing like a relaxing drive with windows down and some tuneage to drown out everything.

@jordan31 With an older car that's about what I'll be paying.

Damn that's pretty bad though, is it a newer car?

@brandon well add in payments etc that you mentioned. The gas isnt bad, its a honda civic so it gets 40mpg. My old classic though, it only got about 10mpg, it was costly to drive esp now days with high gas prices.

@brandon Though my other car is paid, insurance is prob the most costly thing per month on it. Once they are paid off and your are older than 25 a car can be pretty cheap to maintain.

@brandon Well written post!

There was a time that I took public transit to and from work. The price was about the same as you: ~$80.

I got tired of having to leave the house at 6:30am and not getting home until 6:30pm every day, though, as opposed to 7:30am and 5:30pm by car.

I hear you man! I'm actually going to be getting a car soon so that price tag is actually kind of pulling from some real numbers :/

@brandon Yeah. I was already paying a car note at the time I was using public transportation.

So I was saving on gas, sure, but I was still paying the loan, insurance, registration, etc., at the expense of time. It wasn't a good trade-off for me.

@erikstl Here I figure it's actually a good thing to be using PT when you have a car. You get the benefit of having a car when it's needed but you also don't have to spend the exorbitant amounts of money on gas when the car's not needed. Plus, once the payments are done for the car financing, then it's so much less

@brandon Long way away from me.
It's too bad countries can't seem to learn from each other's successes.

@gemlog But every country is already the greatest in the world 🙄

@gemlog So many countries say that :/

And the people who lead countries say that

@brandon All leaders lie, but I don't know a single normal person who says canada is the greatest country in the world.

@gemlog That's the problem :P

There's a huuuuuuge disconnect between the people who govern and the people who live in the country being governed

@brandon I remember a long time ago a reporter asked our then Prime Minister how much a loaf of bread cost.
He had no clue.

@gemlog Oh I see from your profile that you're from Canada. Thought you were from Germany

@brandon Sorry. I have an account in novascotia and one in germany, but I live in bc :-)
Germany proved to be the more reliable, so that's my main and the other is my backup account.
I should rename it maybe.
But I like it when people write me in german so... :-)
Plus, I have a vps in nuremberg and another in munich.
I'm trying to at least read langs other than english.

@gemlog Why specifically Germany for these things?

Parents brought you halfway across the world, to another rainy place, but why? :P

If you look at the price of VPS at contabo.de and compare to what you get for 7 euro/mo and compare to nearly anywhere else (let me know!) then this will explain. Also reliability.
Another advantage is they have better laws than canada or (esp) the usa.

Yes, my parents brought me from one rainy coast to another - worse really. Squamish and Prince Rupert get far more rain than Ellesmere Port has ever thought of. Rupert gets over 100" a year. I live a bit inland now 60km.

@gemlog o.o that's some crazy good pricing there! I don't have the same pricing on DigitalOcean unfortunately

@gemlog Wow, I didn't know that the east coast Canadians get more rain :P

@brandon Actually, born in the UK, but here since I was 9.

@brandon Nice post!

I ride a bicycle most days but take public transport when I'm feeling lazy. :) I definitely miss the luxury of the free time on PT when I'm not on it though.

Something else you could add under "Responsibility" is not having to worry about injuring/crippling/killing someone with your car – not that many people driving cars seem to care about that though.

@mjog Ah it must have been either you or someone who follows you clicking on the link from octodon.social while I was trying to bring it all back up

I miss that time most often when I'm on my bike :P Mostly because my ass is sore the next day sometimes so it's a nice reminder that I have the option for PT

I figured having the "prudent driving" part was sufficient :P I also didn't want to make it a little too depressing :P

@brandon Haha yeah maybe, don't worry though, I don't have that many followers. ;)

There's a lot to be said for some quality staring out the window time.

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