The current technological industry wants to normalize cloud computing, but did you know you are losing ownership of your software and freedoms in the process?

@gnupropaganda I think we also have to look at a shift in where value is being placed here. I don't think it's as black and white as it's being painted here.

WHY are they trying to normalize cloud computing? Is it JUST a cash grab? Is it an redistribution of computing power? Is it because it makes for a better end-user experience? What are the risks and rewards?

@brandon As much as I love to DIY it all, I have to agree with Brandon(?).

As somebody who also tends to think from an end-user standpoint I think cloudcomputing definitely has it's pros.
Yes, it'll take some freedom out of your hands but in return, you don't have to worry about the infrastructure and depending on which service not even security patches n stuff.
Also, for some people that want a simple blog but aren't into IT, it's definitely a valid option to go with cloud computing.


Yes absolutely! But then comes the question: are we doing enough to educate end-users/young ones/etc

@brandon The problem is just that they often just don't care enough to do so...
They just want the service to work.
They don't get about setting up al the stacks, they just want click-n-go...

That's because since they were young, they haven't been taught to fend for themselves. In a service economy, fending for yourself is the enemy

@brandon that combined with the fact that often they just think too simple.
I had a conversation with somebody who dropped out of school and didn't know what to do...
So I said I could teach her programming to which she replied she isn't interested in programming (or IT in general).
Again, some people just don't care enough about anything IT related to learn how to do it...

@finlaydag33k That's really unfortunate. Some people think "take control of your life" means "do whatever you want to do" and that's just...not the way to roll

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