Free software folks wouldn't even be happy if Microsoft shared the source for their entire software library.

@brandon So I think a niche group (like reactOS) would jump on it, and some of the advantages windows does have would see some adaption for other options, and eventually it would be appreciated.

@brandon yeah, transparent code is just one element.

@brandon Honestly, I would be as excited to use Windows as I am to use Android, in that case. It's a good platform in terms of software support, it has a couple interesting quirks to it, and it can now be better sanitized and examined to not act maliciously.

Nope. Opening the source doesn't make it free software.

Obviously not, but I that wasn't the point I was trying to make

But its the point I'm trying to make. Big difference between open source and truly free, and that distinction is paramount on my list of priorities.

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