I went over some of the results of the controversy behind Librem One over here:

Seems that things are right again and that they did right by those who care about the cause :) Let me know what you think in the end.

@brandon I agree that the more I hear about it, the more I'm liking their approach.

I think it was @emsenn that mentioned it before... there are people who don't utilize the local or federated timeline. Admittedly, I don't use it too often, so the lack of that timeline in doesn't really bother me.

The discoverability curve may prove to be a little steep as a result, but it's not insurmountable.

@erikstl @emsenn The only thing I would change at this point about the implementation is a little guide on how to find "others like you"

@brandon thank you for making me understand what the issue was you did an amazing job summarizing everything

@brandon it is also good to know everyone at @purism have the best intentions at heart

@brandon Time will tell but personally I think self hosting with maybe the exception of email is the way to go.

@geniusmusing Oh it's definitely the way to go...for those who know how/have the interest in knowing how

I don't think we're the target audience :P

@brandon Think about this for a minute, what if you could install most everything you wished as easily as NextCloud on a shared server?

@geniusmusing There are people who don't even know what NextCloud is, nor would they know how to install it.

I'm not sure what you're getting at here

@geniusmusing @brandon Most shared hosting is abominable, so I don’t think shared is the answer. Maybe some sort of proxy that acts as a public face (the IPv4 / IPv6 that everyone sees), but relays to a home-hosted device (likely running something like #Sandstorm; even techpeeps have trouble with #Docker, so it should be out of the question entirely).

@geniusmusing @lnxw48a1 So we've got it installed.

"How do I make it like ''?

"What do you mean?"

"Well right now I have to type in this random number. I can't remember that"

"You mean to access your website?"

"Yeah, I want a word or something"

"You have to buy a domain name and point that to the server"

"How do I do that? What's a domain name? Can I get those at Walmart?"

@geniusmusing @brandon I think #Sandstorm ( ) is something like a one-click install with some of the characteristics of a container.

The proxy thing I mentioned doesn’t really exist yet (possibly excepting #PageKite), but I imagine they would do just like the present shared hosts do: as part of your set-up, they ask you to choose a domain name, which they register for you and then automatically map it to your server space.
@geniusmusing @brandon I have never tried either #Sandstorm or #PageKite, though I’ve wanted to do so for a few years. I first heard of Sandstorm when the project founder was interviewed on

@lnxw48a1 @brandon Most of the shared hosting I have been on or used at least have a one click install for WordPress, sometimes many more. Part of the problem is that unless the code base used to install is kept current or the project is no longer active, many hosts will still keep it around and this adds to security issues. The wife uses Gallery (host offered one click install) for pictures of our trips and the last update to anything was 2014. It is stable but it will no longer get any updates as it has been dead for many years and I also now have a new problem with it. It requires flash for more than single file uploads. I think I just found a fix and will need to try it.

@brandon I ended up blocking ('suspending') my instance's connections to and and won't be looking back, personally.

I appreciate their effort in trying to have services for their upcoming phone, but that's all it is. Their treatment of their Mastodon instance shows a complete lack of understanding of the underlying ecosystem (e.g. *why* the Local & Federated timelines can be important).

Plus, their attitude of 'if it isn't illegal, we won't police it' is Bad™.

@brandon There are plenty of things that aren't illegal but are still bad, and in a global community, 'isn't illegal' to a company from a country with extremely lax rules (the US) won't fly when it comes to countries like Canada, or the EU, where there are actual hate speech/incitement laws.

They're going to end up hosting an instance where people complain they can't find anyone to follow, or when they *do* find someone, they can't follow them because their instance is suspended.

Botched, IMO.

@kithop But I don't understand why you would block an instance just because they don't have fedi or local timelines :S

@brandon I blocked them because they originally didn't have any reporting, and even when they backpedalled to re-add it in, it shows that they're not interested in moderating their community.

I don't federate with 'free speech zone' type instances if I can avoid it - there be dragons. Or rather, avenues for harassment.

I get a strong feeling Purism is going to be almost totally hands-off on it, and their 'moderation' will be adding part-time workload to existing staff to just deal with spam.

@kithop If this turns out to not be the case, would you consider unblocking the instance?

@brandon I'd want to see them adopt a Code of Conduct for their users' interactions with the Fediverse. Good (though potentially overly detailed) starting point:

And yeah, I know it's targeted at people who can't self-host. But they could've linked to the various 'find an instance for you!' type search engines/databases out there rather than roll their own and make a hack job out of it, IMO. That helps people decide for themselves.

@brandon By pulling out all mention of the underlying apps themselves originally, it's obvious they wanted to be seen as 'different' and wall their systems off in a paid silo. That's not a community thing, that's a cash grab on people who don't know any better and are trusting them.

I'd feel the same way if they were going on about how you could get an e-mail account with them in this day and age. It's... weird and old-fashioned to guide people into your silos.

@kithop The fact that they chose projects that federate or are part of a decentralized whole shows me that that's not the case.

I say it's more a case of rushed deployment rather than ill intent

@brandon Fair enough - it might not be ill intent, but it's definitely 'not well thought out at all'.

I heard they apparently had a security issue with one of those services at launch where anyone could log in to any other username with *any* password. It was taken down & fixed quickly, but still.

'Didn't think this through, and executed it sloppily'. Maybe in 6 months+ they'll have it together, we'll see.

@brandon Meanwhile there are plenty of free* (*though donations are usually accepted/appreciated) instances already out there for people, with people who actually care about their reputation making up a moderation team, laying down sane, but detailed ground rules for behaviour, etc.

The point of this is to *de*centralize, not put up more paid centralized silos. We should be pushing stuff like Lollipop Cloud and hosting your own Mastodon/Pleroma/etc. instances on RasPis or VPSes.

@kithop Do you realize that Librem One is not targeted at people who know how to/can self-host?

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