ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck

@anna @brandon hostile actors have compromised to a permanent end Jester's menchies.

@brandon @anna using operator lingo to complain about people getting in his mentions

@robotcarsley @anna meh he's always struck me as a little bit off tbh. I left there a while ago when I saw how tilted the whole community acted with some sort of reverence to Jester that seemed undeserved

@brandon @robotcarsley i mean we joke about witches.live not being a cult but ah, counter.social is a damn Cult with a capital C

@brandon @robotcarsley @anna it's been a long time since I've heard of Jester. Does he still spend his free time hiring DDoS bots against people he doesn't like and threatening screenshots of people with zalgo text?

@robotcarsley @brandon *hits the block button, frontend pretends to respond but it doesnt actually work* TANGO DOWN

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