I dunno, I feel like the LibremOne news is being overhyped.

Talk is a fork of Riot
Mail is a fork of K9
Social is a fork of Tusky
Tunnel is PIA white-labelled

I see nothing new or innovative here, what am I missing?

@kev I can see where bundling them together instead of making people go out and find all of these by themselves has value. Otherwise, sure, you can get all this stuff somewhere else.

I don't see any issue with it. Plenty of people would have cried foul if they had written their own apps for reinventing the wheel instead of leveraging good existing projects. If they contribute back to upstream then all is good IMO.

@kelbot @mike I completely agree. I don’t have a problem with it at all, I just don’t see where all the hype for this fantastic new service is coming from, as it’s just a collection of forked apps. The lack of attribution on their website isn’t very good either. :(

Note: attribution might be there, but I couldn’t find it. With purism being such good open source citizens, I would have expected that to be front and centre.

@kev @kelbot @mike I found the source and there's a statement from someone working at purism that says a blog post is coming up regarding this kerfuffle.

I'll be including all of that in *my* upcoming blog post :P

@brandon @erikstl @kev @kelbot @mike I think it might be too early to jump on this type of stuff. I feel like we need to be cautious about picking apart everything until we know which things are intentional, and which aren't fully developed yet.

@blaubachn @brandon @kev @kelbot @mike

I'm with you, but no custom emojis... I mean c'mon. Priorities, people!

Step 1: spin up mastadon instance
Step 2: install custom emojis
Step 3: everything else

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