I dunno, I feel like the LibremOne news is being overhyped.

Talk is a fork of Riot
Mail is a fork of K9
Social is a fork of Tusky
Tunnel is PIA white-labelled

I see nothing new or innovative here, what am I missing?

@kev nothing. Except for the fact that Purism has, at this point, branded it as made by them.

@brandon @kev doesn't free software have a long and storied history of projects "forking" only to change the branding? what is so objectionable about it this time?

@greg @kev the fact that there's no mention about sharing the modified source code. K9 might be fine, but Tusky not so much

As well, in the case of forking and changing brand, there's usually some sort of notice or history that can lead one to the original project.

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