How do you get into "the zone"?

We all have that process through which we can reach our best thinking, the one we hold sacred. Or maybe you're still experimenting, what are you on now? What works for you?

Boost for more diverse answers :)

@brandon It varies as to what I am doing.

Design: Silent mental concept design (I do the full design in my head) and them 80's-90's industrial music (KMFDM/Ministry/Etc) for the actual modeling.

Code: 80's-90's Dance/club music.

Headphones/ear buds are required as well as phone on silent/DND and sign on door, "Disturb at your own risk".

@geniusmusing oh damn who would be disturbing you and what do they risk?

Also, what's an example of each of those genres of music for you?

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