How do you get into "the zone"?

We all have that process through which we can reach our best thinking, the one we hold sacred. Or maybe you're still experimenting, what are you on now? What works for you?

Boost for more diverse answers :)

@brandon when wanting to write something, depending on the subject, sometimes I actually need to read a lot first, too understand the topic enough, then eventually it just clicks, and the zone is inevitable

@brandon hear others thoughts on the same subjects helps me find myself

@maloki I hear you! I often am thinking or reading or talking about something unrelated but then I completely zone in on a single thought and then it just carries me through to the end

@brandon I don't have a method, I wish I did. Often I find that once I get into it I stay for as long as possible because I don't know when I'll be able to do it again.

@sullybiker sorry, that was a little blunt, I just feel like this is an ADD thing

@brandon Probably a little of it. Just also very busy at the mo!

@sullybiker it's hard to not feel ADD when there's so much to do and so little time :p

@brandon Oh sure, and if it's there that's when it will normally show! Same with procrastination.

@Taweret I'm terribly sorry! I didn't even take a moment to glance at your profile

You've got some interesting looking works there at least from scrolling through quickly right now, how long have you been writing?

@brandon It varies as to what I am doing.

Design: Silent mental concept design (I do the full design in my head) and them 80's-90's industrial music (KMFDM/Ministry/Etc) for the actual modeling.

Code: 80's-90's Dance/club music.

Headphones/ear buds are required as well as phone on silent/DND and sign on door, "Disturb at your own risk".

@geniusmusing oh damn who would be disturbing you and what do they risk?

Also, what's an example of each of those genres of music for you?

@brandon drawing diagrams in paper gets me close to "the zone".

@brandon depends on what I'm trying to code. It could be anything from UML class diagrams to sequence ones, the service architecture layout, a data structure or just a bunch of boxes with arrows and what not.

@measlytwerp interesting, what are you doing when you're in the zone?

@brandon In my case I suppose it's similar to what's been said already, refreshing myself with some reading to help me get tuned into the subject. From there it's easier to get into a groove and rock right along. But sometimes I have to clear my mind a bit first. Easier said than done of course.

@lee8oi how do you clear your mind then would be the logical next question

@brandon EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Sometimes I use videos with bilateral audio & visual effects. Even a good relaxation video. If I don't have that much I can usually do a body movement variation that involves using both hands or feet.

@lee8oi could you link to one of such videos? I'm curious as to the kind of effect it might have on me

@brandon Here is one of the videos I use. Uses bilateral audio (might need headphones for best results).

Another one I enjoy, which lasts 10 hours, more subtle bilateral effect, and has nice visual effects:

I don't necessarily have a process, but I do know that it only happens if I start a task early in the day (before any tiredness), and allow no interruptions.

@brandon I really suck at getting into the zone, but recently I've been using It's essentially a Skype session with someone else who is also working. For me, its like hitting a button to put me in the zone for an hour.

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