XFCE is a great DE but I'm a little irked at their choice to use Ctrl+Esc to open the "start" menu


I would also like to see pinning to the taskbar become a thing. It's annoying enough that the Whisker Menu is opened with non-standard keys, but then you can't even use the taskbar as a dock?

@brandon you can change both of those things. There is a keyboard shortcut manager, as well as the ability to add launchers to the dock

@blaubachn I'm able to figure out how to change the keyboard shortcut, but I can't seem to find a proper launcher that does something similar to the windows superbar

@brandon Xfce has xfce4-appfinder which I personally like. It's not quite the same as windows superbar.

@rghvdberg @brandon @blaubachn nice! I've been hopping between Synapse, Kupfer and GNOME DO—maybe Albert will a new alternative to try out

@rghvdberg Looks pretty good but gosh I feel bad for anyone visually impaired visiting that website

@blaubachn making the super key as the whisker menu is a problem now though. I can't snap my windows anymore

@brandon Yeah, I usually do super+<another key>. Lately I've been using super+d since that's the default i3 config, and I've been using i3 a bit.

@brandon Or if you are running xubuntu, i believe xfce4-appfinder might be mapped to super+r by default

@brandon Yep. It's easier to use something like Synapse instead, but it does have a searchable menu.


@brandon it does. I use UbuntuMATE and super key then <search term> then enter works just fine.

@gaurdianaq @brandon it’s a little more than that, but very basically, yeah. You can do so much with it.

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