What is with some people's tendency to use ... instead of a straight up period?

Like, I understand when you're looking for a response but this happens in the middle of an email...but not like this use. It's used in place of a period.

Can someone explain this tendency?

@DistroJunkie I know what it stands for, I wanna know why people don't use it that way :P

@brandon @DistroJunkie a friend uses this.... all the time.... often for no reason... then again he smokes a lot of weed too... talks kinda like that too...

@bamfic @DistroJunkie Unfortunately these are people who are in administration in the organization I work for

@brandon Well when you have an idea but aren't sure how to complete it/think it's obvious enough for the other person to complete it...

@brandon I think it's ... People trying to type like they talk. There is sometimes a need for a full stop. But there are other times sentences trail into each other... like this one.


People have forgotten how to speak in the digital era. I know what bothers me is when people start throwing in "like" when texting or emailing. It's bad enough to overuse it in verbal conversation but even worse to type it out.

@kev That's quite unfortunate as these are the people preparing performance reports

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