What is with some people's tendency to use ... instead of a straight up period?

Like, I understand when you're looking for a response but this happens in the middle of an email...but not like this use. It's used in place of a period.

Can someone explain this tendency?

@brandon It's the text equivalent of the valley girl rise at the end of sentences. Or at least that's my theory.

@brandon elipses ( … ) are usually used to indicate a pause, an unfinished thought, or "fill in the blank so I don't have to say it."

He was ... and so he fell down and slept on the stairs.
I think you are... very strange.
I wish you wouldn't...


@brandon Well when you have an idea but aren't sure how to complete it/think it's obvious enough for the other person to complete it...

@brandon I think it's ... People trying to type like they talk. There is sometimes a need for a full stop. But there are other times sentences trail into each other... like this one.

@kev That's quite unfortunate as these are the people preparing performance reports

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