I kinda like typing really fast on my phone because I can hear how fast my fingers are moving and every time they tap on the screen they make a satisfying noise

@brandon Enjoy the happy moving noise, some day (hopefully not for a long time) your body will be making unhappy noises with most movements. Getting up in the morning sometimes sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

@brandon you should get yourself a mechanical keyboard with blue switches then XD they're so clicky!

@gaurdianaq Unfortunately I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys using a chiclet style keyboard and I have yet to find a mechanical keyboard with chiclet-style keycaps

@gaurdianaq chiclet-style keycaps are also very hard to find. Though I could probably 3D print some, I don't think that would be optimal for durability when it comes to the printing on them

@brandon aah fair enough, had to look up what chiclet was, but ya, not for me XD

@brandon maybe you could find an app for your computer that plays a sound whenever you type

@gaurdianaq OH hell no, that would just piss me off :P Besides, it already makes basically the same sounds as when I type on my phone, what with my fingers smacking the keycaps as I type

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