Wow, a lot happens in an internet minute

@brandon Five dozen internet seconds just to name one! 😱

@brandon notarially certified and scientifically approved πŸ€“πŸ‘

@tobias Like, legit?

Also, I swear could be boiled down to "Unconventional LEGO use"

@brandon 😁 It sure could be - that's what it is about in the end: To give some inspiration 😊

@tobias There's some pretty interesting things out there. I just wish LEGO wasn't so freakin' expensive

@brandon by the way, that's also a reason why I started to show how you could archive cool stuff with parts you maybe already have... don't know if it already fulfills this goal or makes you sad because of all the pieces you don't have πŸ˜…

@tobias @brandon

I have had a break from Lego for some decades. Now with the child interest is resparked. One thing that absolutely astonishes me though is how pre-fabbed the story around the models is nowadays. Not just the pieces which are getting more special (but then hey, the newer models for younger childs are easier to assemble), but they want to dictate how you play with them. Does not go well with the being creative claim.

And all that licensed stuff can just go away tbh...

Sorry, ignore at will. I had to throw that into some random conversation mentioning lego. And yes, expensive it is too...

@ckeen Won't ignore this because I agree. I don't follow the new sets and commercials and promotions and other stuff no more ... it's just getting too commercial and too ... influenced? ... for me.

I'll just have fun with the parts I already have. I recently rediscovered a lot of bulky pieces I never used and will give them away to get some more space in my room.Back to the basics 😊

@tobias We have one of these girlie 'Friends' sets. Don't get me started on those...


* Don't press the red button *



* click * πŸ˜‚

@tobias Ok, first of all, why is there a need for perpetuating a girl stereotype whose 'city' consists of a beauty salon, an ice cream shop, a skater girl home and a half pipe?

Then the minifigs are incompatible with the others.


And the sets are BORING, not remixable in general and we don't know what to play with them....


> Wow, a lot happens in an internet minute

Now I'm thinking of "internet minutes" kind of like "dog years". As in "how old are you in Internet minutes?"

@codesections Three years ago, 400 hours of videos were uploaded to youtube per minute... that could be a starting point for calculating how much longer a internet "dog year" would be πŸ€”

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