What I wouldn't give for my back to stop hurting. I'm only 24 fuck 😫

@brandon Damn. It only goes downhill from there. What I’d do to go back to my 24-year old body!

Feel better.

@SuperFloppies I basically lifted something wrong, I'll be getting some of that icy hot stuff this evening


Wait until you hit 25. THAT will be way worse!

@brandon Unsolicited advice from an old guy. Stretch. Daily.

I'll take that advice Mike, as since starting a desk job my back's starting to hurt too. I definitely need to stretch more.

@brandon aah, don't know as many specifically for that, I think there is a yoga pose that my fiancee does that is supposed to be good for that, where you lay on your stomach and lift your upper torso up and lean on your hands (I think, I'd have to double check)

@gaurdianaq I've tried all sorts of stretches this morning but it seems like something that's just gonna have to be ridden out (like a knot in the muscle)

@brandon fair, I'm no expert on exercise or anything either, I'm just starting to get into fitness, I've been following Pavel Tsatsoulines latest book "Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister"

@gaurdianaq thanks for the input regardless, it's much appreciated

@brandon I'm at a similar stage of life as you (I'm 26) and finding things start to hurt more if I'm not more careful compared to when I was younger... trying to take preemptive measures since I know it will only get worse if I don't take care of myself

@brandon I recently got myself a standing desk, dunno if it's helping or not, haven't been standing at it quite as much recently (though I also started at mcdonalds recently and get lots of standing there)

@gaurdianaq nice to see someone at a similar stage. I too am noticing things getting a little more difficult, noticing that I have to be a little more careful

In response to the standing desk, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Neither sitting nor standing for too long is good. Maybe every 20 mins get a move around for a few mins then get back to things

Treadmill desks? Now that's where it's at πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

@brandon I mean, no one says I have to stand perfectly still when standing XD can do a little dance/hop :P

Also treadmill anything is way out of my budget, I work at McDonalds currently...

@gaurdianaq not a problem, I totally understand that

Just a small suggestion if you're into it, certifications are the best way to get into many private businesses (not so much the public sector)

But yeah a little jiggy here and a little jive there never hurt anyone with a standing desk...unless they're extremely off balance

@brandon That's true. At a previous job, I stood (with occasional short walks [<100 steps] to another station) for 10 hours per day. At the end of a day, my whole body was hurting. Standing and walking are important, but so are regular changes of body position.

@brandon I don't have anything specific. I've been of the mind that since I'm sitting at a desk all day long, I'm not moving much of anything other than my fingers, so anything is fair game. I do a bunch that I remember from sports in high school, but I couldn't tell you the name, and I feel like an idiot trying to describe a stretch in 500 characters.

@mike I really should be paying more attention to my fitness as well, if I want to be able to provide for years to come

@brandon remember to stretch yourself but be careful since you should properly warmup else it could also lead to injuries. You should get yourself a blackroll, you can pretty much massage your self with that.
A good warmup could be:
* jumping jacks
* push ups
* go running for 5 minutes

It you do one of the following you should be good to go for a stretch. Remember to hold your stretches for at least 20secs. Your muscles need to wake up.

@daeh Are you talking about the blackroll foam roller specifically? Blackroll seems to be the brand name here :S

I thought stretches *are* the warmup though :S

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