I am with you on this. I only have about 8 hidden files in my home dir, but it still annoys me.

@brandon a related note is there are too many environment variables floating around now and barely any are well-standardised

@wowaname I don't think standards are the free software community's forte 🤔 :p

@brandon tell me how proprietary software is any more standard than free software? if anything it's worse because many proprietary/commercial vendors want to lock users into their product and not have much / any third-party support

@yolo @wowaname read my correction please. My comment was not a free vs proprietary software argument. It was moreso a comment on our tendency to disagree about how things *should* be done to the point of making things worse. See the xkcd comic on creating standards for an example

@brandon microsoft felt like adapting some of this brain damage bit from unix too, visual studio code creates a dotfile directory in %USERPROFILE% !
I agree with your point, but XDG stuff isn't really a standard, they're more or less conventions or rules used by freedesktop.
On the other side, a lot of programs don't really have the concept of a "desktop" and were written before freedesktop was even a thing.

@rms @brandon or like, headless machines. Not just servers, I run a laptop headless.

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