LibreOffice 6.2??? Tabbed UI ready for action??? I'M EXCITED DOWNLOADING NOW

Okay now they just need to work on support for dark themes

@brandon Whee, I remember you wanted those ribbons! (personally I hate them, but to each their own 😄 )

@leadore yes the ribbon UI is probably one of my more desired UIs when it comes to office suites. At this point now it's just about making the dark UI more accessible (I've got 20/20 or so vision and I still find it's lacking in contrasts)

@brandon Dude that's old 😂 The tabbed interface has been out for a LONG time now. And as to themes, mine looks fine with a dark GTK theme 🤷‍♂️

Just need to figure out how to change the paper and text colour while writing but print/export/etc with normal colours 🤔

@amolith 6.2 but I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 with whatever dark "theme" the tweaks package gives you

@brandon You're a version ahead of me so you've had the tabs for a few months too. I don't know what's up with your theme unless you installed it as a snap or something from the software centre.

@amolith I haven't had it installed. I didn't want to use it until it's ready

@amolith This was my issue. The separators are so dark you can barely see them. Otherwise, fantastic UI finally.

Yes, it's been available for a while but the tabbed UI was considered experimental prior to 6.2

@brandon Try going into Options > LibreOffice > View and change the icon style to Breeze Dark. It makes it look a lot better.

@amolith I'm not sure the icon style will change the color of the separations between sections in the same tab

@brandon No I'm just saying that the icon style would make it look better in general. As to colours, you'd likely have to change your GTK theme if you wanted more contrast.

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