Sad: Ubuntu Software Center puts Hiri and Mailspring (both proprietary softwares) above free software email clients like Thunderbird and Claws Mail when searching "email"

I would imagine this would be because they're snap packages while the others aren't. I believe Ubuntu Software prioritizes the snaps over debs in listings.

@brandon I use hiri to access Exchange at work. It might be proprietary but it is a pretty good piece of software. The experience for the user is better than Thunderbird or Kmail with akonadi EWS for sure

If I were more pragmatic I would say canonical is looking out for the best user experience.

If I were more cynical I would say canonical wants their sales cut

@mattmcnutt @brandon I second Matt - Hiri is a *very good* mail client if you need to work with Exchange, especially around calendars, while the other solutions are flaky and not stable over the long term (i.e. Exchange API changes).

However, Free Software should be promoted before purely Proprietary solutions, especially Proprietary solutions that charge money.

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