The greatest threat to a company's informational security is one from within, your own employees. That can either be by intent, or even by accident.

You can help mitigate that using a clean, clear, and concise onboarding and offboarding procedure

@brandon You can also mitigate the risk by not exploiting your workers. Inside attacks are worker resistance.

@starbreaker that' interesting point, and I couldn't agree more. The more you "penny pinch" with any facet of employee benefits, the more an employee's gonna wanna make sure they get their fair share of the benefits they're working at reaping

@brandon True, but it isn't just benefits or pay.

I once walked out on a job paying six figures because I didn't like the way management started looking down on me for being a college dropout once they thought they had the golden handcuffs on nice and tight. They had the nerve to tell me I should be "grateful" for the chance to make them richer.

Unfortunately for them, I had been there just long enough to know who management was bribing to get the company their contracts. I told the state authorities everything I knew and burned the company to the ground.
@starbreaker I worked for a shitty psycopath for half that and all I got for my troubles was joblessness and depression. So... Good for you? @brandon
@alphakamp @brandon I was only there three months, so I didn't make a lot of money. And it was three months before I was able to find work again and I ended up defaulting on my student loans and getting my wages garnished. Good times.

@starbreaker well...there's that too 🤣

I said benefits etc to have a placeholder for treating employees like garbage, but I know what you mean. I worked at a grocery store where they scheduled you for 6.75 hour shifts because they didn't want to have to pay for the extra 15 minute break they'd have to give you at 7 hours. I didn't know many people who worked a 8 hour shift there.

I ended up eating a lot of the fresh food we made there cuz I didn't agree with those practices

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