Aahh...the bitter frost...I did not miss you:

@brandon oh boy I once went to Scandinavia in the winter and it was -20°C and I was almost dying every time I went outside in my 5 layers. 😰 are those temperatures normal in Canada (Quebec, right?) ?

@Matter Yup yup! Regular temps for mid-january though I feel like it's getting more often that this happens

Haha...your tempz look colder than mine...but their not...the difference in the measuring units is misleading 🤨
Well actually let me correct are colder but not by a lot...but you still win
I'm in New York...we are in a heat wave
Compared to your's 23 here and you'd be at -2 when in Celsius it reads it's a little misleading if one was to interpret it as -19 f

@testie We had a heat wave the other day (which is weird to think of, still having to wear my winter coat) and now it's clearly subsided :P

We are having killer wind chills today...I've gotten some painful windburn on my face... With the wind chill we are getting close to your temps...but Inside we ate nice and toasty and don't need gloves because we have this nice wood pellet stove burning hot...the consequence is extremely dry air...but warmth in the winter is worth the sacrifice!

@testie I honestly envy anyone who has a fireplace or furnace or whathaveyou. I live in the basement so the place is naturally more humid which might be the issue

It's nice to have...put one in the basement 😁...and bowner was from when I'd install a Linux distro it would be B-Owner(Bruce Owner) bowner haha
Oh I just realized I might be freaking you out....I think I have you added on one of my alt accounts so I look like a random stranger just popping in....sorry...I've complimented you on many of your articles on my alt account...the one was the article on Mastodon I believe (also apologise for being off topic 😮)

@testie No worries, I recognized the happyface and bow-ner username, it's memorable enough :)

@brandon Wow. It looks like #Canada really is "the frozen northland" ... at least your part.

@lnxw48a1 At this time of the year, most certainly, I almost feel like wearing gloves inside because even though it's 23.5C inside...the cold just gets to you

@brandon @lnxw48a1
Living north of the 47th parallel too. What I feel most is the dryness in house. In the coldest period of winter, relative humidity goes down below 30%.

Well, it's nice now, but you won't be jealous of me when it's 45+ this summer.


@brandon @mike I read "Is that in C" and had to check if the discussion as about programming. Nope. Not interested in THAT C, and not jealous either. Beef jerky making summer heat in Arizona can STAY there.

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