o.o the power of vim has washed over me for the first time

@brandon type "nano" into a text doc lots of times, with any other text, then go to the top, and enter that command.

@malin Would that not be recursively entering the word nano? :P

@brandon qr[record a function on key 'r'] /nano[find string 'nano']cwvim[change that word to vim]q[function ends]100@[repeat 100 times]

@malin is the 100 times just to iterate over each instance of the word?

@Naughtylus funny but nah, I got a bunch of spaces replaced by tabs 👌

@brandon I particularly recommend using "/" to search for things, then pressing the n and p keys to jump between results 👍

@bobstechsite Ah this one I was aware of, but I didn't know about n and p! Thanks for the tip!

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