@poetgrant LibreOffice is hella ugly, still. Like, it legit looks like MS Office 2003...16 years later

I'm all for FOSS, you know this, but when the alternatives aren't attractive, in a physical office that already looks drab, I'd prefer Office365

Why's it painful for you?

@brandon @poetgrant ...and that's exactly why Microsoft introduced the ribbon UI in 2007.

It doesn't make your work flow any easier, but it does teach users different habits and gets them used to an interface Microsoft can sue everyone else into the ground for using.

So OpenOffice & LibreOffice just stuck with the classic UI layout.

If you want to make it look prettier, the sifr icon pack is quite good 👍

@brandon @poetgrant my apologies for the rant. It seems after all these years I'm still mad at Microsoft deliberately breaking interoperability. 😅

eg docx can be read in rival office suites following Microsoft's OpenXML standard, but Microsoft themselves use a "transitional" variant. They only support old versions of Open Document Format because the EU made them. Etc


@bobstechsite @poetgrant No you're perfectly fine in your rant! It's a valid thing to be upset about. I'm frankly appalled that they even got the grant for the patent. That being said, how enforceable is that in the scheme of open source software should nobody be making money off of it?

@brandon @poetgrant patent holders can sue for "damages" which would include "loss of earnings" from people using the infringing product. Although more likely they'd just patent troll people for "license fees" that are cheaper than fighting a court case.

Also, technically you can sell free software. People with bad Internet connections do buy physical copies, and companies sell products & services around software they sponsor.

@bobstechsite @poetgrant Ah but in that case you're not selling the software but moreso selling the service of putting it into a physical form or selling the service of supporting the software, correct?

And yeah, Microsoft is probably one of the bigger patent trolls out there. I'm surprised LibreOffice isn't facing legal battles yet for the Notebook UI (or whatever they're calling it)

@brandon @poetgrant I work for a company that sells computing equipment & virtual servers with their variant of Linux installed on it. One could construe that as "selling Linux"?

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