Good morning all, I hope your weekend is coming to a decent close. i know mine is because I get to finish cleaning my apartment yay!

If you, yes you, reading this toot would be so kind as to either check out my podcast or share it with someone who might need to listen, I would be so grateful ♥️

I'm working today on trying to get the RSS feed fixed to include as well as get the properly on other platforms like iTunes and Spotify.The problem is the platforms being buggy

@brandon I think you missed one big question in your podcast and I am going to make a few assumption about the person/company (for profit company or indy developer who takes income from software) if you are going from closed source to open, will your biz model going to allow you to continue? That really should be the question first asked, not that IP/licenses/etc are not important.

@geniusmusing I knew there was something missing! I did hint at it I think but you're right, I missed that one big question lying under the assumption that if one's making the decision to go open-source, then that question was already answered.

There are certainly some industries that would crumble under the open-source model, but I would say that's more due to a lack of resources than the option simply not being available. Thoughts?

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for listening :)

@brandon there seem to be two schools of thought that I have seen over the years.

If you build it they will come.

As I see it the first option is more of a FOSS from the start, scratching an itch that turns into something with a large community that has the potential to have some income (help/support) or funding/donation support (LibreOffice/MariaDB are two bigger ones)

Can we make money off of this thing.

This could easily be summed up in IBM eats Red Hat but that may be a cheap shot at IBM. I would also say that it could be the easier and yet harder question to answer by looking at Twitter/Diaspora/Fedverse. While one of the three are not open D* did get a few rounds of VC funding after they had MVC in the public and Fedverse had donation support at some level for the various flavors of clients but I don't think anyone is getting rich yet off of any of them, even Twitter.

The paid support model or the SAAS model with FOSS seem to me to be the most likely model that one could either start something or open something and be able to make a living off of it at some point.


@geniusmusing You do have to get pretty creative about making money in open-source.

Obviously you can't really make that much money off of the software itself, but the services you can offer around it are possibly infinite, right?

Also, I'm baffled at how Twitter isn't able to make a profit.They should fight against trends towards being "advertiser-friendly" but they're just shooting themselves in the foot at this point

@brandon A subscription model might have a chance for a good SAAS FOSS product, it is how Nextcloud stays open and while there will always be people like me who run my own instance there are plenty more who don't want the bother and will pay for it.

Here is a good read on twitter and profit.

Twitter makes money for first time ever, but problems remain Chicago Tribune

@geniusmusing I would pay for NextCloud if I was an enterprise for sure. Much better than going with Google's Dyson suite (vacuum joke)

@brandon The problem is an old one, how do you make money from a product you give away, don't offer subscriptions and actually try to keep user info out of the hands of others?
And this is for a closed program, how would you do it for an open program?
How would/could you live and survive with something like GNUSocial/Mastodon/Other SocNet programs?


Of course, hosting an instance is a viable option, but how many people want to admin but don't want to host it themselves? From there, I would host my own and take in donations in exchange for being the host and admin.

From there, I'd perhaps build a platform for people from my instance to congregate and use this platform to elevate those who wish to be elevated and perhaps create some sort of storefront with merch that sells products based on user-contributed IP...and so forth

@brandon Now you have involved the government. And lots of paperwork.

@geniusmusing I mean...isn't that what happens when you make money anyway? XD

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