So Google Reader's long gone, and I've been trying to find something even better, and I think I've done it!

Pocket the RSS Reader:

@brandon Yeah, if you entrust your feed list to an external organization, Mozilla is probably a better choice for it than Google anyway.

@colomar most definitely trust Mozilla more than Google :p

@brandon seems overly convoluted. Why not use a simple RSS reader like TT-RSS, if you don’t want to host, Feedly?

@kev last time I used Feedly, it didn't parse the web page for me so if the RSS didn't include the full article, I had to visit the site anyway

@brandon that often a website/feed issue rather than a reader issue. OMG Ubuntu does ot

@kev but if my pocket is my RSS reader, then I don't have to deal with an RSS problem, right?

@kev I know this is not the best solution however, as it becomes a pain when you have large amounts of articles you don't read from your feeds.

I should have put that in the article

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