Hi all, I'm in the process of writing a hacker mystery novel. I'm looking for people to read while I write and at the moment, looking for positive suggestions. Eg: I really like this, I want more of this, I think this would go good here, etc.

DM me so that I can sign you up :)

If you want to, you can also donate to my Liberapay:

or my patreon:

@brandon I'd be happy to help. I don't write so good, but my reading skills are at least mediocre.

@brandon I'd love to read and give feedback as you go! I don't know that I've ever actually read a "real" tech book/novel before. It's all been centred around fantasy with some technological aspects.
I've found that my absolute favourite books are ones set in the Forgotten Realms. I'm going to act like you don't know what that is and say that's it's a setting created for D&D by Ed Greenwood. A bunch of writers picked it up and started developing a whole world, culture, and history.

@amolith No way :D I'm so happy you're willing :)

This will be my first novel and keep in mind my technical knowledge of hacking is minimal, but my mystery and ideological knowledge of hacking, etc, is better :) I just had this idea for the novel and it's coming to fruition slowly but surely.

It's a learning process!

To read the book, you're gonna go to and register for an account. Once you have, pass me your username and I'll give you read permissions on the repo

@amolith I've never really played D&D but I do know the concepts of these types of RPGs and the world-building aspect of it. It's really nice when a bunch of writers base their writing off of a collective knowledge because it really lets you go SUPER deep in your story

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