phoc 0.7.1 is out, which among some minor fixes allows more keyboard buttons to be handled by #phosh (such as PrintScr). Say thanks to @agx who authored all commits in this release and grab it from :) #gnomeonmobile #gnome #phoc #wayland #gnu #linux #librem5 #mobile

We've set up a site to inform users about current stock levels, estimated availability and to relay shipping information. Currently in testing.

Check it out:

phosh 0.11.0 is out 🚀 :

New features:
- Wifi/WWAN/BT quick settings now toggle on/off, long press opens Settings
- Initial support for `gnome-session --systemd`
- Torch brightness slider
- Allow to show battery percentage in top bar (via Settings toggle)

And there's more! See above release notes for the full list of changes and contributors.

#phosh #librem5 #purism #gnomeonmobile #gnome


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