What is currently the most accessible, lightweight (clientside) and simple to implement, HTML+CSS framework for web-apps?

Primarily for a web-app for mobile use.

Not looking for JavaScript platforms, but if it has some small JS-requirements thats OK.

To be integrated in a fully serverside rendered web-app.


@flockingbird Really there is no definitive answer for that question, since every framework has it's positive and negative attributes. For my lightweight css needs tho, I've found to be a good solution.


@bpepple Bulma looks perfect.

It was on my list, but far below, because somehow I had it jotted down as "Javascript Framework" (which I have nothing against, just that for flockingbird thats not what we need now).

I'll look into it, mostly into the accessability. So far: looks exactly what I need. Thanks!

@flockingbird I think most most modern frameworks do a pretty good job with regards to accessibility, but truthfully I haven't looked very hard at the issue.

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