Hadn't done a fresh install of in awhile, but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. Congrats to all the fedora folks who helped this release. And here's a obligatory screenshot.

Thinking I might do a clean install of 33 on my desktop machine later today.

♪ My Weekly Top 10 artists: Superchunk (61), The Beatles (60), Rush (45), Dropkick Murphys (42), Christie Front Drive (36), Beefeater (29), Prince & The Revolution (29), Samiam (24), Judas Priest (22) & Miles Davis (21)

Watching The Newsroom and had forgotten just how good of a writer Aaron Sorkin is.

Hey, if you really want to get your blood boiling on a Friday afternoon read this article about . In particular, how they manipulated their algorithm to throttle left-leaning news sites.

I'm really hard-pressed to think of another company that has done more harm to society.

How Mark Zuckerberg Learned Politics

♪ My Weekly Top 10 artists: Frank Sinatra (98), The Who (92), Soundgarden (42), Hot Water Music (38), Judas Priest (38), All (37), Pete Townshend (37), The Beatles (37), Shudder To Think (26) & Def Leppard (25)

I think a strong argument could be made that is the best show of the last 10 years or so.

Been using as a media server for a little over a month, and have been pretty happy with it. There's a few small quirks (primarily with the plugin), but nothing that's a deal breaker. 📺

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Spent *way* longer than planned setting up a action for . Oh well, time to get some much needed .

Going to start watching The Haunting of Bly Manor on tonight.

Develop with ? You can help out by completing the 2020 Python Developers Survey.


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