Don't usually link to , but Spot wrote a *really* good thread explaining the recent change regarding hardware acceleration for #264 & h265 video.

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Created a account over at the flagship instance. And other than a few hiccups with account creation and importing data, it seems like a nice alternative.

The only downside I see with the project is the poor choice of the license it's released under (the rather dubious The Anti-Capitalist Software License).

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Hmm... looks like something in yesterday's update of the intel gpu firmware broke something in the graphics.

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Noticed one of my web servers is getting some OOM errors... probably need to add a swap or increase the RAM on it.

Who's even remotely surprised that Truth Social is in financial trouble. Their business plan seemed to be just one big grift.

Finishes upgrading one of his web servers to 22.04.1 LTS. Have to admit not really a fan of the whole Ubuntu/Debian upgrade process, but at least I don't need to do it again for awhile.

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Bad idea 

... to use content warnings to hide normal things.

CWs are here for a good reason: hide really nasty stuff that triggers most people. That's what "warning" means.

If you do use CWs for normal content, people like me have to enable "show CW" in order to disable the useless button to show the CW content so that we are able to read our timeline without clicking on each message. This makes CWs useless.

Don't use it for headlines or snowflake protection.

Assume people filter by #hashtags.

Noticed that there is a client for called there seems to be pretty decent. Maybe it will get me to start using Lemmy more often, since I don't really spend time just browsing on my desktop machine.

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