Don't really understand the appeal of items like this. Seems akin to buying trading cards.

Jack Dorsey is trying to sell his first tweet as an NFT

Not at all surprising. Truthfully, the whole industry feels like it's run by grifters.

Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee indicted for cryptocurrency fraud.

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Takes a break from profiling a project to grab a cup of . ☕

Hadn't heard about this. Should be interesting to see what journalists find in it.

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Statement on Politics of

Slur filter => putting a healthy environment above growth. Not for everyone but a stance I applaud and appreciate!

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Finally getting around to watching Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet.

Thinking about pulling the trigger and purchasing a Charge 4. 🏃

Grabs some before updating his site to the latest security update. :django: :python:

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Good example of why you should take care on what web browser extensions you install.

Note: link requires subscription to lwn.

Notices that the weather forecast for tomorrow is predicting 12" of snow. Makes plans to pick up provisions later this afternoon.

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Takes a break from the comp-fu to clear last night's snow from the sidewalks.

Hmmm, did remove proofs? They don't appear to show up anymore on the verification page.

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