Study embedded Linux without hardware by using our freely available lectures and practical labs on the QEMU emulated ARM Vexpress Cortex A9 board. Except for nand flash and realtime, all features are available: toolchains, U-Boot, tftp, Linux kernel, NFS booting, MMC/SD, SquashFS, cross-compiling, Buildroot, application development and debugging with strace, ltrace and gdb.

Materials available on:

Get support by attending our next online session:

New dates announced in the end of July, beginning of August for Bootlin's online embedded Linux course (with optional labs on QEMU ARM), at a time suitable for our customers in the Americas. More details on

Did you know?
You can use the Elixir Cross Referencer to look up kernel configuration settings in defconfig files.
See by yourself in for example. currenty doesn't show Linux releases after 5.7.2, including 5.8-rc1.

That's because of some corruption in our databases, apparently due to an issue processing a new compatible string that appeared in such versions. We're investigating!

v2.1 of the Elixir Cross Referencer also adds support for Device Tree compatible strings. When browsing Device Tree files, you can instantly find matching drivers, Device Tree bindings and other Device Tree files using the same compatible string.

Thanks to Maxime Chrétien again!


Elixir Cross Referencer v2.1 features symbol search autocompletion, contributed by Maxime Chrétien. This makes it easy to find Linux kernel function names while programming!

Tomorrow, Bootlin's
engineer Paul Kocialkowski, who has worked on Allwinner video decoding, and author of our Linux graphics course will teach our first online edition of this course! You want to learn everything about the Linux graphics stack?

We modified the timing of our next online Linux kernel course to fit the constraints of our US customers: from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (San Francisco time)

This corresponds to 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Paris time), which can also work for people taking the course outside of working hours.

The dates are July 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 17, 2020.

If this offering meets customer demand, we will be happy to extend to it our other online courses 😉

All details on

In the next online session of our Embedded Linux course, we will propose QEMU ARM instructions for most practical labs before showing solutions on real hardware.

Such labs will be optional and will be proposed between each half day session.

See our detailed agenda on

Practising by yourself will definitely help with learning.

Our June online Buildroot training course with Buildroot's
co-maintainer Thomas Petazzoni is now completed, so we've opened a new session on July 28-31, 9 AM to 1 PM UTC+2 on each day. Register at and get trained on using Buildroot with an expert!

Our online Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded training course starting tomorrow with Alexandre Belloni as instructor is full! So we've opened a new session for this course: July 28-31, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM UTC+2 each day. Register at

In our hurry to update with new features, we deployed a database that turned out to be incomplete.

As a consequence, we had to revert to the previous database. The early Linux versions will be back in 1 or 2 days, with an exciting new feature. Stay tuned. has become a time machine!
It now allows to explore the code of most Linux releases since the beginning (except a few that were apparently lost). Thanks to Arnd Bergmann for the suggestion! is up with many new features from the latest v2.0 release: support for function documentation, Kconfig symbols, Device Tree aliases, function documentation, REST API...

Checkout our blog post covering all these new features:

Please test the new Elixir Cross Referencer release as much as you can (go to and report bugs or possible improvements on

Version 2.0 of the Elixir Cross Referencer has been released. Before we announce it properly, can you find the new features just by exploring the interface ?


Special thanks to Maxime Chrétien, Chris White and Tamir Carmeli for the new features !

At Bootlin, the tradition is to share all the evaluations from the participants to our training sessions, and not just keep the good ones :

So, here are the evaluations from our first public online Embedded Linux course:

Given the demand for our online courses, we're opening a new Linux kernel driver development session between June 8 and 16. All details are on

The trainer will be Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin's founder.

Our on-line training seminar on Linux kernel and driver development being fully booked, we opened registration for a new session between May 25 and June 3. This new session will be instructed by our CTO Thomas Petazzoni.

As we guarantee to limit the number of participants to 12, you will definitely have time to ask your embedded Linux and kernel questions to him!

See our list of on-line sessions:

Given the success of our online embedded Linux training seminar, we're adding a new session: May 25-29 and June 2-3.

By the way, our labs run with Linux 5.6, U-Boot 2020.04 and the latest commit of crosstool-ng. At Bootlin, we keep our products fresh 😇

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