We have updated our ready-to-use cross-compilation toolchains available at toolchains.bootlin.com. Now built with Buildroot 2020.02, they provide updated versions of gcc, binutils, gdb, glibc, uclibc-ng, musl and kernel headers, and are available for 38 different CPU architecture variants. See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/bootlin-toolc

Interested in SFP module support in Linux? Then you might want to have a look at our latest blog post at bootlin.com/blog/sfp-modules-o.

We detail how we supported two SFP cages connected to a TI AM335x system, through two Microchip VSC8572 Ethernet PHYs, and providing proper dynamic reconfiguration of the network link depending on the SFP module connected.

Bootlin will be delivering its first online course this week! Our engineer Thomas Petazzoni will teach our Buildroot system development course to one of our customers. Note that all our online courses are also available for individual registration! bootlin.com/blog/covid-19-boot

New dates and reduced cost for Bootlin online sessions

To make our sessions more attractive and accessible, we're proposing new dates and reduced costs for our online training sessions. See bootlin.com/blog/covid-19-boot

Linux 5.6 was released last Sunday, and as usual Bootlin contributed to this release, with 95 patches merged this time. We have some interesting contributions: support for HW-accelerated MACsec encryption/decryption in the networking system, support for LVDS display panels connected to Rockchip PX30 system-on-chip, support for page flipping in the Intel GMA500 DRM driver, and more. Read our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/linux-5-6-boo for more details.

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, Bootlin is now proposing all its training courses online, at a very reasonable cost! You can register and participate from anywhere in the world. All our courses are available: Embedded Linux, Linux kernel, Yocto, Buildroot, Linux Graphics. Dates planned in April. Registration and details at bootlin.com/blog/covid-19-boot

We've just published another blog post in our series around the STM32MP1 platform: this time we discuss remote firmware update, and show how to use swupdate, hawkBit in the context of Buildroot to do over-the-air updates. Read our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/building-a-li !

Bootlin will be at Embedded World in Nuremberg on February 25-27, 2020! We will have a space on the booth from STMicroelectronics, showcasing two demos on the STM32MP1 platform, and of course with details about our development, consulting and training services!

Join us directly on the booth, or contact us ahead of time to organize a meeting.

See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/bootlin-at-em for more details.

Linux 5.5 was released last Sunday, and Bootlin contributed 124 patches to it. Our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/linux-5-5-rel gives some details about our contributions. Highlights: H265 decoding support in the Allwinner VPU driver, Marvell CN9130 processor support, improvements to several SPI controller drivers, support for the MAX12xx ADC converters, and more.

Bootlin will be at the @fosdem conference this week-end, and also at the Buildroot Developers meeting in Brussels right after FOSDEM. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss career/business opportunities, and of course open-source in embedded systems! See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/bootlin-at-fo for more details.

Episode 6 of our series of blog posts about building an embedded Linux system for the STM32MP1 platform is out! This time we discuss the topic of factory flashing, using STM32 Cube Programmer. See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/building-a-li

2020 has started, a good time to look back at what we did in 2019. Our blog post "2019 at Bootlin, a year in review" does exactly this, see bootlin.com/blog/2019-at-bootl. Lots of Linux kernel contributions, a new training course on Linux graphics, many Linux BSPs delivered to customers, and more.

The entire Bootlin team wishes you a good and happy new year 2020!

Back in 2018, thanks to crowd-funding, we started working on a Linux kernel driver for the Allwinner VPU. We have now completed all goals set by the project as of Linux 5.5! Read our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/wrapping-up-t. If you're interested in additional features, contact us!

Linux 5.4 was released a few weeks ago, and as usual @bootlin engineers contributed a number of patches: 143 commits in total. See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/linux-5-4-rel for some details about our contributions: PTP support, Allwinner camera interface, Allwinner TDM audio, Microchip and Marvell platform support improvements.

In 2019, we worked on adding support in OpenWrt for two security features: dm-verity and SELinux. Read our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/security-cont for some details on the contributions we made in this area to the OpenWrt project.

CNX Software Jean-Luc Aufranc published an article based on our RISC-V experiment with QEMU and the mainline Linux kernel.

This article starts a discussion about the possibility to run Linux on affordable RISC-V SoCs.


No more Google Fonts on Elixir Cross Referencer!

From Chinese users, this at last means quick access to elixir.bootlin.com/ as the "Great Firewall of China" is blocking access to Google resources.

This also means that we don't support Google tracking your visits to our website.

Thanks to Vince Hillier for contributing this change:

A similar change will be applied to Bootlin's website.

Good news for users of the Elixir Cross Referencer: we now support hyperlinks in some Device Tree includes.

Studying dts and dtsi files is now easier with Elixir.

See by yourself on elixir.bootlin.com/linux/lates

More generic and exhaustive coverage is coming, after implementing project specific hooks (some include paths can be project specific). Stay tuned!

Bootlin was at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon! Each of our engineers has selected one talk they liked, and made a summary of it. Read our selection of talks, with summary, slides and video at bootlin.com/blog/back-from-elc

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