Bootlin is happy to offer a free training seat to fellow community contributors.

This applies to two training sessions held in Avignon, France in March:
- Embedded Linux system development course
- Linux kernel and driver development

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Announcing our presence on Mastodon (Fosstodon) on our blog:

We have a number of followers on other social media, so we hope that this will incite them to try (and then love!) Mastodon.

Support for MACsec encryption/decryption offloading in Linux

MACsec is a layer-2 protocol for encryption/decryption of network traffic. While Linux has had for a while a purely software-based implementation of MACsec, where all crypto operations are done on the CPU, it lacked support for offloading them to hardware devices. Bootlin engineer Antoine Ténart worked on this topic the past few months, enabling MACsec offloading to the Microchip VSC8584 Ethernet PHY.


Bootlin blog post: how to boot the BeagleBoneBlack Wireless and PocketBeagle boards through tftp and NFS, using USB gadget networking:

There is nothing extraordinary in doing that, but you have to do a bit of research to find out the kernel configuration settings that are needed to make this work, as NFS booting on such boards is not supported by the default configuration settings (make omap2plus_defconfig).

Bootlin is happy to support Framasoft ( through a donation of 1,024 EUR in 2018.

They support the use of Free Software, most notably by developing alternatives to centralized services on the Internet, like PeerTube which they got production ready in 2018.

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We are also glad to support such decentralized services by advertising them on our website.


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