Good news for users of the Elixir Cross Referencer: we now support hyperlinks in some Device Tree includes.

Studying dts and dtsi files is now easier with Elixir.

See by yourself on

More generic and exhaustive coverage is coming, after implementing project specific hooks (some include paths can be project specific). Stay tuned!

Bootlin was at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon! Each of our engineers has selected one talk they liked, and made a summary of it. Read our selection of talks, with summary, slides and video at

New presentation from Bootlin:
"Embedded Linux from scratch in 40 minutes, on RISC-V"
Learn how to build a Linux kernel and root filesystem for RISC-V and boot it on a QEMU emulated machine.
See how simple embedded Linux can be!

We're back from the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019, and happy to share the slides and videos of our 5 talks and 2 tutorials: boot time, Video4Linux, networking, Buildroot, RTC, flash storage... and an award for
Bootlin's CTO Thomas Petazzoni:

This week-end, Bootlin will participate to
@capitoledulibre in Toulouse, France. Michael Opdenacker will give a presentation too: "Embedded Linux from scratch in 40 minutes, on RISC-V".
See (French) for reasons for attending.
I will share slides in English too.

ELCE 2019 videos available!

Videos from Embedded Linux Conference Europe last week have been published by the Linux Foundation:

This covers 6 talks from Bootlin, out of a total of 88 videos.

Sharing videos and slides is what makes this conference great.

During the closing session of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe last Wednesday in Lyon, Bootlin's CTO Thomas Petazzoni received an award for his contributions to the conference and to the embedded Linux community.

See more details on his LinkedIn post:

Don't hesitate to congratulate him on this page and encourage him for further contributions :)

Phoronix has a quick article about Michael Opdenacker's Linux boot time presentation at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe:

In the final slide, we're summarizing the techniques that we found the most efficient to reduce the boot time of our system.

Our full slides are available on

You're a student, passionate of open-source, Linux and low-level development ? Want to work with us at Bootlin ? Then we have 5 internship topics for you in 2020: Linux kernel development, U-Boot development, improvement of Elixir, all topics include open-source contribution. Apply or contact us for more details!

Our Elixir Cross Referencer now indexes the sources of the DPDK project.

DPDK ( is the Data Plane Development Kit that consists of libraries to accelerate packet processing workloads running on a wide variety of CPU architectures.

See by yourself on

Our Yocto training course is now available with practical labs on the STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 platform, as an alternative to the BeagleBone Black Wireless platform we have been using so far, and which we continue to offer. That being said, our Yocto course is for the most part HW-agnostic, and is relevant regardless of the HW platform you're using.

We are very proud and happy to publish and share the training materials that Bootlin engineer Paul Kocialkowski has created for our Linux graphics training! 200+ slides of useful contents, under a CC-BY-SA license, for the benefit of everyone. Read our blog post at for more details, and for the materials themselves!

Linux 5.3 was released not long ago. Bootlin contributed 146 commits to this release, making us the 16th contributing company by number of commits. As usual, our contributions were mainly centered on hardware support for ARM platforms. More details in our blog post at

Another article in our blog post series on building an embedded Linux system and application for the STM32MP1 platform. In this 5th article, we discuss the development of the Qt5 application itself.

Bootlin engineer Paul Kocialkowski has recently written, and is now upstreaming a Linux DRM driver for the LogiBricks logiCVC-ML display controller IP block, which can be synthesized in FPGAs, typically on the Xilinx Zynq 7000. See our blog post at for more details.

Last summer, Victor Huesca worked at Bootlin as an intern, and implemented numerous improvements to the maintenance tooling of the Buildroot project. Better tracking of new releases of upstream packages, better notifications to Buildroot developers and contributors, better search capabilities in the autobuild results. See our blog post at for more details on the useful contributions done by Victor.

Bootlin will be at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Lyon on October 28-30. 8 engineers from Bootlin will attend, we'll give 6 talks and 2 tutorials, and participate to two co-located events. Read our blog post at for more details, and join us in Lyon for this major conference!

Bootlin engineer Paul Kocialkowski will attend the X.Org Developers Conference on October 2-4 in Montreal. This is a great way for our Linux display/graphics expert to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this field. See our blog post at for more details.

The fourth blog post of our series around STMicro STM32MP15 platform and how to use Buildroot to develop embedded Linux systems is out: It shows how to write a simple Qt5 application and how to setup Qt Creator to develop/debug/deploy Qt5 applications on the STM32MP15 Linux system.

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