We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.

ℹ️ europa.eu/!QFBpnV

Introducing fediverse.info - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚑ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚑ Projects list

⚑ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects! #fediverse #activitypub #fediverseInfo

Even though it's a Monday here in πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί...

Pretty much default GNOME/COSMIC, plus transparent top bar extension!

@Gargron Thank you for all the wonderful work you've been doing! Rest up! πŸ™

One thing that I keep telling myself as I grow into the #Fediverse is that it's not going to replicate what I had on legacy social media.

The boosts are less important than feeling boosted by y'all. Engagement isn't a metric, it's a feeling. The numbers don't matter, it's the community that matters.

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@basernst I think it was half cause it would be more work to implement a version of comments done well, but the main reason was that I get distracted by scrolling through Reddit comments, and wanted to build this as a quick way to check 'what's up' on a certain subreddit without getting distracted. So top-level content only.

Obviously feel free to make your own fork though if you'd like a version with comments!

@BicycleBen You're welcome! Glad I was able to pass the enjoyment on to someone else! 🀩

@ruari Yes, sorry, I am enjoying the luxury of the Mastodon delete & re-draft button way too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

In terms of vibe, I'd say this album is closest to Senior, but has new elements as well.

Fabulous new album released by today, after they announced they were done making albums in 2014, it feels like a treat. Two more albums on the way as well.

For those unfamiliar, I'd describe the genre as atmospheric synth with dreamy vocals. Recommend listening with good bassy speakers.


The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

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@ferdi Yes AND no... I knew it had polls, but I didn't know it had multi-select polls...

That's meta, selecting multiple in a poll because I didn't know you could select multiple in polls πŸ˜‚

@fatboy Oh cool, first time I've heard about elinks. The self-text doesn't collapse like in most browsers, but other than that, it all seems to render well!

@kallisti5 Sorry for the out-of-the-blue reply, was scrolling through the hashtag. How would you say the audio quality compares to the MacBook Pro?

@tilvids Indeed! Thanks for running TILvids by the way, my favourite Peertube instance!

@privilegejunkie Such a minimalist look 😍

Are you going to be putting custom stickers on or leaving it blank?

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