I was interviewed on the Product Hunt blog! 😻

Topics include:
- How I got started on 1Feed (with a CodePen!)
- My challenges as a maker
- How to ship fast & stay on track
- How to have a successful Product Hunt launch
- Next steps for 1Feed
And much more!

@FirefoxPreview Oh I didn't realise this menu was meant to be scrollable, I assumed it was a bug!


1Feed is one of the 3 recipients of this month's $5000 maker grants!!!

The announcement newsletter title is even "best indie product of 2021?" 🤯

Interested in learning more about the product decisions that went into building 1Feed.app, or what my big mission is?

Check out my 13min interview on the Forward Thinking Founders podcast! 👇

@nebunez Hey, thanks again for the suggestion! I added a bunch of explainer text to the landing page when you scroll down (including a little button saying "scroll down").

Does the text explain the questions you had well enough?

✅ Added a bunch of FAQs to the landing page to help people who want to know more about 1Feed before slamming that Sign Up button!

Let me know what you think 😁👉 1feed.app

@tristan957 Thanks for sharing! Yeah, it *is* an RSS reader, but I don't like to call it that as the term "RSS reader" comes with a lot of preconceived expectations about what an RSS reader is and should look like.

The reason for this is that the aim of 1Feed isn't to be an RSS reader, it's an opinionated piece of software to help you build healthier content consumption habits.

RSS is just the best tool to achieve that right now, if one day it isn't, then 1Feed will no longer be an RSS reader!

@tristan957 You can set headers for sites hosted using Vercel (without any extra costs or anything). See vercel.com/docs/configuration#

You could make a vercel.json like this:
"headers": [
"source": "/(.*)",
"headers" : [
"key" : "Permissions-Policy",
"value" : "interest-cohort=()"

@plausible And with a CORS header! Would be cool to make the API truly 'public' for public sites.

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@plausible Hey, congrats on releasing the stats API! Feature request: It would be cool if we could use the API without a token for sites where we've set the visibility to public :)

@WClayFerguson Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I think the main issue is that if you say "I have an app called X", people will just search it up on the App Store / Google Play rather than their search engine of choice.

We need to change people's perceptions that:
1. An app is something you find in the App Store / Play Store
2. Something you use inside Safari/Chrome/etc is not an app

I think this can be done as more higher-quality progressive web apps hit the market!

Woahh, the memory usage feature in Firefox DevTools is so cool! I can actually kinda read what's going on, unlike Chrome's one 😍

I chose to build 1Feed as a web app because of openness and freedom — you don't have some app store gatekeeper not letting you in because you're under 18 or refuse to give them 30% of your revenue.

1Feed was featured in this great article by Fast Company:

@nebunez Interesting, maybe I'll add a section like "is 1Feed a good fit for you?", with some bullet points about what 1Feed is/isn't.

It's essentially an RSS reader, but I don't like to call it that, as it comes with certain expectations and 1Feed is a very opinionated experience. The goal is to let people consume content (i.e. keep up with new articles/posts) quickly and in a more calm way, not to 'be an RSS reader' (i.e. if RSS somehow no longer achieved that goal, I'd remove RSS support).

@splatt9990 True, I'd say the proportion would be a lot higher compared to the number of sites with an RSS feed though (as it directly helps people show up in search engines)

Just had a cool idea… What if 1feed.app could read sitemaps? They have URLs and last modified dates, so all I'd need to fetch separately would be the titles.

This would mean you could subscribe to pretty much every site on the internet, even if it doesn't have an RSS feed 🤯

@FirefoxPreview Oh wow, this looks cool! Btw, has there not been much interesting user-facing stuff going on with Firefox Android for the last few months, or have you just been inactive? I've been using the beta channel lately and haven't noticed many changes, but thought I'd check.

@nebunez Not intentional! I haven't made a whole giant landing page with lots of scrolling yet, but I do plan to. However, I do have the demo on the landing page, and I was hoping it would make it really clear to people what they're signing up to, cause they can play around with it first.

What kind of information do you think I should add?

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