👋 Hey folks, SEO question — Lots of people have been searching "OneFeed" when I tell them about it, rather than "1Feed".

🤔 How would I rank for the term "onefeed" without changing all the product & landing page copy to say "1Feed"? (I like the name "1Feed" better)

@booligoosh maybe make another website that is specifically SEO friendly for “oneFeed” that simply is a link to 1Feed main website?

@blueberry @booligoosh redirect sites could solve it.

Or depending I would also include tags for “onefeed” in your site inside the <head>.

Maybe have a page like and populate it with content using “onefeed” as the keyword, but with a JS redirect to your actual landing page where “1feed” is the correct usage of the product name.

Idk if SEO crawlers are still dumb enough to fall for that. It’s been about a year since I’ve messed with it seriously.

@wholesomedonut @blueberry The /onefeed thing is a really cool idea! I've made, redirects if the useragent is not googlebot

@booligoosh ranking for both terms is difficult, but not impossible. Maybe a blog post about “onefeed” vs “1feed” that ranks for the former. That way you start to establish yourself under keyword too.

Blog can literally be “Is it OneFeed or 1Feed? What’s in a name?” Etc.

Just a thought...

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