I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous:

Twitter's fancy "decentralisation team" spent over a YEAR working on... A PDF REPORT.

They could have literally spent a few weeks re-adding RSS feeds, which they removed in 2012, essentially cutting off tweets from the open web ecosystem.

Yes, there are more things than RSS that needed to be sorted out, but RSS is a solid and necessary first step.

This screams all talk and no action to me.

And I bet in 2yrs they'll come out with some fancy new home grown protocol that they expect the rest of the web to use.

That said, at least they're doing the talking part in the first place, it's better than nothing. And part of me remains hopeful/optimistic that something good might actually come out of all this.

But it's frustrating.

(also sorry for the caps earlier, but this is something I feel very strongly about)

And yes, of course, ActivityPub / integration with Mastodon would be nice, but at least start with RSS/Atom/JSON feeds!

@booligoosh @Gargron co-authored the report AFAIK. Ask him why it took so long.


@Gargron I'm curious to hear why it took so long, if you're allowed to share! Obviously I'm sure it wasn't your fault and want to thank you for taking part, if you see this :)

@booligoosh @Acaii I don’t think anybody in the Bluesky chatroom could answer that question, even the person who composed that report.

The report was the stated goal as communicated by the one person who actually works for Twitter, to be submitted to Twitter for evaluation. The rest of the process is a black box.

At this point, I'd say that a lack of RSS feeds is the LEAST of Twitter's problems right now.

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