Hey everyone! I'm a solo programmer, currently working on 1feed.app. It's my attempt to bring the pleasures of RSS to a more mainstream audience and help people take back their attention :)

As part of that, I want to support the open web and decentralised platforms, so I've made this Mastodon account, and I'll be posting all future tweets here as well!

@booligoosh Your 1feed app looked interesting and I went to sign up, but the only option was to DM you on Twitter (which I don't use). Any chance you add a Mastodon button?


@rsheftel I've added you to the waitlist! I'm actually planning on letting a bunch of people in this afternoon so you should get access in a few hours (I'll message you here).

The Twitter button was just a quick way for me to throw up a landing page without having to build a whole staged invite system, but I'm actually going to be removing it in a few days and replacing it with a normal sign up button!

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