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System76 has collaborated with HP to bring Pop!_OS to a wider audience! The HP Dev One comes with Pop!_OS preinstalled and fast components like an 8-Core AMD RyzenTM 7 APU to help you complete development in a flash! Find out more:

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We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.


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Introducing - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects! #fediverse #activitypub #fediverseInfo

Even though it's a Monday here in 🇦🇺...

Pretty much default GNOME/COSMIC, plus transparent top bar extension!

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One thing that I keep telling myself as I grow into the #Fediverse is that it's not going to replicate what I had on legacy social media.

The boosts are less important than feeling boosted by y'all. Engagement isn't a metric, it's a feeling. The numbers don't matter, it's the community that matters.

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Fabulous new album released by today, after they announced they were done making albums in 2014, it feels like a treat. Two more albums on the way as well.

For those unfamiliar, I'd describe the genre as atmospheric synth with dreamy vocals. Recommend listening with good bassy speakers.

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The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

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Just sharing a little project I made a while back as I thought some people here might be interested…

It's an HTML-only client, without comments. Made it as a personal project to reduce distraction and show what can be done without any CSS or JS (it even has dark mode!). I used a CSP header, so the browser won't even let CSS or JS run on the page!

The whole project is a single file under a license. :opensource:

Here's a subreddit as an example 👉

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OK, we've got some traditions here that may be very useful to all of our new arrivals. They are:

where you recommend some of your favorite follows and why,

where you toot pictures of your cat on Saturday


where you toot a screen snapshot from your computer or phone. It can be anything but it is normally your desktop with a neofetch.

Let's have a good showing this weekend to help our new friends out.

Please boost.

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Is there any way to see the local timeline of a different instance without having to create an account on that instance? @feditips

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#feditips :point_of_advice:

oh, by the way: mastodon and pleroma instances (as well as others) can have custom emoji. these work like on discord, in that a sequence of characters is assigned an image, except you don't need to pay anyone to have them animated.

check out your emoji picker to see what kind of custom emoji is added to your instance!

:ablobpride1: :ablobpride2: :amiga: :ameowbongo: :blobcatheart: :cool_rainbow: :crt_w_green_lines: :engiqueer: :flag_eo: :gay: :headpats: :kirby_happy: :mew: :oh_no_bubble: :purple_sparkling_heart: :tardis: :valid: :tux:

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@pjd Welcome PJ!!

Cause of the federated nature of Mastodon, you can never really be a refugee from here... You might one day be a refugee of this instance, but never of Mastodon.

It's like email - you might end up a refugee of Yahoo mail, but you will never have to 'leave' email completely; you can switch to a new email provider, import all your contacts and emails, and keep emailing like nothing happened...

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listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

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A few years ago I made this flow chart of which Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.

This is why it's important to boost good posts and use hashtags - the fediverse is fragmented and harder to search by nature.

[ #mastodon #meta #tootorial #howto #mastopedia #mastotip ]

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In light of recent news and an increased interest in alternatives, I've updated my Mastodon Quickstart Guide with the latest info on apps and such.

Mastodon isn't something you need to move wholesale to! Start migrating today!

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