Full release notes:
And if you're just signing up, let me know what you think!

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Two super exciting announcements for 1Feed today:

🐦 Twitter support!! Now you can get tweets from your favourite people right inside your 1Feed 👌

🥳 Public sign up! Now anyone (you included) can go straight to 1feed.app and sign up, no waiting required 😁

And before anyone asks, you can DM me here to sign up for early access as well as on Twitter! The Twitter DM button was just a hacky temporary measure and I'll be removing it in a few days 😛

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I've removed Google/Firebase Analytics from 1Feed! 🥳

I'm now using @plausible Analytics to get better insights that will help me improve 1Feed in a privacy-respecting way (no cookies, no IP address logging).

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Getting ready to take 1Feed.app out of private beta and allow public sign-ups!

Rather than going for a generic "sign up" button, I've decided to switch it up a bit to stress just how easy it is to get started with 1Feed:

It seems like I've been blocked from sending 1Feed invites via Twitter DMs for a little while, they seem to think I'm a bot cause I'm sending lots of similar links out 😅

1Feed invites will resume when I can send DMs again!

Just pushed the final 1Feed release before opening up 1Feed to 🎉public signup🎉

It brings small improvements as well as important tweaks to the onboarding process.

I'll be inviting the rest of the early access users this week before opening it up!


It's not open source at the moment, but eventually once it's stable and has some traction I hope to open source it and have a business model similar to Plausible Analytics.

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Hey everyone! I'm a solo programmer, currently working on 1feed.app. It's my attempt to bring the pleasures of RSS to a more mainstream audience and help people take back their attention :)

As part of that, I want to support the open web and decentralised platforms, so I've made this Mastodon account, and I'll be posting all future tweets here as well!


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