Just had a cool idea… What if 1feed.app could read sitemaps? They have URLs and last modified dates, so all I'd need to fetch separately would be the titles.

This would mean you could subscribe to pretty much every site on the internet, even if it doesn't have an RSS feed 🤯

👋 Hey folks, SEO question — Lots of people have been searching "OneFeed" when I tell them about it, rather than "1Feed".

🤔 How would I rank for the term "onefeed" without changing all the product & landing page copy to say "1Feed"? (I like the name "1Feed" better)

Just posted 1Feed on news.ycombinator.com! We’ll see how it goes, probably either a success or a total flop 🤷‍♂️

Hopefully the former! 🙏

😺 Considering launching 1Feed on Product Hunt next Tuesday, although I haven’t committed to it yet…

If I livestreamed the launch on Twitch, would you be interested in watching?

Also gave me some further inspiration/clarity/food-for-thought around my mission for 1Feed (and mission as a maker in general)

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Wow. This talk by Anil Dash is 8 years old, but it’s still relevant today, maybe even *more* relevant.

Expected to spend like 15mins skimming through but ended up watching the entire hour on 1x speed.

Really powerful talk, highly recommend…

Dark mode users will also probably see a slight performance increase due to the browser no longer doing a bunch of weird photoshoppy things on the entire <body> 😂

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Finally got around to making a *proper* dark mode for 1Feed — the previous mode just used CSS filters 😅😅

It looks sooo much better! 😍 The image on the left is the old dark mode, the image on the right is the new one:

Wow!! After less than 24 hours, my article is already 7th result on Google for "break Twitter addiction" (also on the first page for similar searches) 😮

It’s not a stupid sort of marketing article BTW — It's an article that you might want to read and genuinely get value out of anyway, even if you have no interest in 1Feed.

It's something that wouldn't be out of place on my personal blog, either.

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The cool thing is, I get to write genuinely useful stuff while also building 1Feed’s search presence — it's a win win situation for me and the reader!

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🥳 After a lot of procrastination, I finally pushed out the first piece of content on the 1Feed blog!

I’ll be pumping out more content over the next few months, as I hope to make it a large marketing channel for 1Feed.

Let me know what you think of it!


👋 Did you sign up to 1Feed?
I’d really love your feedback in this survey:

✨ It only takes a few mins to complete if you give brief answers (although more detail is always nice)

✨ Your answers are equally valuable to me whether you still use it or not!

codetheweb.blog OS usage stats:
60% Windows (!)
16% Mac
15% Android
5% Linux
3% iOS (!!)

1feed.app OS usage stats:
41% iOS (!!)
26% Mac
19% Android
11% Windows (!)
3% Linux

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It's crazy how much browser/OS stats depend on your audience.

codetheweb.blog browser usage stats:
75% Chrome
9% Firefox
6% Safari

1feed.app browser usage stats:
49% Safari
38% Chrome
6% Firefox

Wrote a few thoughts on how I plan to spend less time on my phone — might be helpful to some of you too!

(I'm trying to get into a habit of writing smaller things more regularly on my blog)

Let me know what you think of the idea/design!

And if you’re super brave, you can also take it for a spin right now at nightly.1feed.app (WARNING: 1Feed Nightly may be unstable, sometimes I push random commits that break things)

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