Programming with frameworks feels like medieval alchemy.

There are some recipes, but it is impossible to understand why adding red liquid to green powder creates an explosion.

Somewhat similar to when you go from math to any applied science.

It is science, but for mathematician it is very uncomfortable as there is no foundation. You can not trace anything from the roots and axioms anymore. You assume things, and you make experiments to support your assumption, but there is no *proof*.

@bookwar Haha yes -- I remember diving into a couple bugs in React Bootstrap Table 2 column filters and going "Ok... So it looks like it does this, for whatever reason, and the source code is unreadable, so... here is a hack"

@nilix You guessed it right. It was of course about React, GraphQL and NodeJS Express:)


Apparently, there is a simple easy way to implement GraphQL interface to PostgreSQL database in NodeJS.

Which of course doesn't work.

Because high-level postgresql-clients written in JS don't support kerberos. Only pg-native is clever enough to use standard system-level auth.

But pg-native has callbacks API, while graphql needs Promises. So I have to wrap callback into a promise.

And the fact that I have no idea about both of those things, doesn't help.

But somehow I made it work.


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