To take or not to take a laptop on PTO?

That is the question.

Thanks everyone who participated in the Fedora Contributor Survey

Sneak peek into results:

- podman 39%
- docker 26%
- systemd-nspawn 6%

More data will be presented at Fedora Nest online conference


I know people don't like football in the middle of the pandemic and I get that. I don't like watching crowded stadiums either.

But I do enjoy the feeling Euro 2020 brought to my neighborhood. Everyone is sitting on their own balcony watching the same game with their families, and every goal met with all houses nearby crying or shouting at the same time watching the same thing.

For me football in Germany is a way to feel the connection. To unite (even when losing the game). And I do like it.

On the topic again:

They dropped the database

One could try to re-register the old nick and old channels on that "new freenode" network.

But I am not going to do that.

Since today I am not going to talk with anyone over the freenode IRC. Because one can never be really sure that it is the right person.

If you decide to stay on Freenode network - it is your choice. But I don't take any responsibility for things someone can tell you using my old nick there.

And I haven't even started talking about other differences, like content (20000 components in Fedora over 3000 packages in CentOS Stream/RHEL), governance (community driven vs business-owned), process and so on.

So while there are some similarities between the LTS concept and Stream model, CentOS Stream is really a different project and a different distribution.


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For example as we are currently in the pre-release development of CentOS Stream/RHEL 9 we still plan couple of major incompatible upgrades which will require full mass-rebuild of all packages due to so-name changes.

Once we get closer to RHEL 9.0 GA (which is not even this year), the ABI and content of the CentOS Stream 9 will be finalized and it won't change in the Stream 9 updates. But it will stabilize on RHEL 9.0 not the released Fedora 34, from which we started the bootstrap process.


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**Why Stream is not the same as LTS**

CentOS Stream takes stable branch of Fedora as a starting point. But it doesn't continue its support within the limits of the stable branch as it would be in the Fedora LTS approach.

We first rework that initial Fedora content significantly in the incompatible way, then we get a new baseline, release it as a new major release of RHEL, and only then we continue support for it with compatibility promise and a fixed ABI/API.


Linux distribution is not only packaging. There is a lot of non-packaging work required to make a good release. And it is often underappreciated.

So let's spend a moment to acknowledge Heroes in Testing:


For those of you who struggle with opening hundreds of browser tabs with docs for each module, try *ansible-doc* cli command.

Run `ansible-doc -s shell` and see for yourself.

It is a CLI miracle!

I do see the benefit of virtual conferences, and how they allow to reach out to more people, who normally don't have time or resources to go to the offline event.

But I don't really like the practice of the pre-recorded talks.

Yes, it is virtual, and it is done via video stream, but there is a difference in whether I am watching it live or as a pre-recorded session.

Which is very visible when you are an attendee.

And for the speaker, pre-recording the talk is a _huge_ and unnecessary pain.

They say is a relaxing hobby, but i think i developed an "angry crochet" habit. While crochetting I keep an imaginery agrument with people who are wrong on the internet.

I guess I will call this one "Freenode and Gerrit blanket"

IRC Announcement

"Since its beginnings, the Fedora Project has used the freenode IRC network for our project communications. The Fedora Project is moving our IRC communications to Libera.Chat." #bot #opensource #Fedora

My favorite TV Series of last year: Feuer und Flamme

Partially available on Youtube too

Easily beats any Netflix show by suspense, emotions and quality of production. Even with my far from ideal German knowledge.

And so much better than standard crime-shows German TV seems to like so much.

Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

IRC Announcement

"Since its beginnings, the Fedora Project has used the freenode IRC network for our project communications. Due to a variety of recent changes to that network, the Fedora Project is moving our IRC communications to Libera.Chat. If you are a current IRC user, please go and register your nick(s) on Libera.Chat ( ) and […]" #bot #opensource #Fedora

The only good thing about freenode disaster is that it gives you that feeling of connection with the FOSS world.

We were divided over so many things in last year, and it is nice to be more or less in agreement. And to get this reminder that you are a (small) part of something so big and so awesome.


I don't believe that Andrew Lee is evil. He maybe really tries to do something he believes is a good thing. But he has no idea how to deal with a project or a community, and his incompetence is visible in every action.

It isn't even about FOSS. You wouldn't try to manage your own company this way.

And the only way forward for him was to respect the choices of users, accept them and move on to build something new. But he decided to start an ugly fight instead.

Stream CI Update as presented at CentOS Dojo:


And slides

For the active Fedora contributor CentOS always looked kind of weird. And I've never had any real interest in it.

But with the CentOS Stream now I think we are building something more logical. Something where one can change things, bring new ideas and contribute.

It is still not a community-driven Linux distribution, but at least it is now much more open and accessible.

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