Nice article from 20 years ago

Relevant as new.

In my time as Fedora Ambassador I always avoided getting into "Why Fedora is better than X" discussion.

I always tried to turn it into "How Fedora is different from X" or I could answer what I _personally_ like about Fedora.

Fedora Ambassador is not a salesman. Our goal is not to sell as many Fedora as possible, our goal is to educate about what _is_ Fedora.

And then let people make their own choices, knowingly.

Snow on Easter. Given that usually here in NRW there are no more than a couple of days of snow (if any) in the entire winter.

I am officially giving up on talking about weather, as I can not understand it anymore.

> We have accepted your submission, "Event-driven distributed CI for 20000 projects", and would like to welcome you as a speaker for cdCon, happening virtually on June 23 - 24"

Hooray, it seems I have three months to prepare my slides.

Why do I have a feeling I will be doing it at the very last moment again...

Dear followers, I created alternative identity on one of the russian-speaking servers:


Please use it when talking in Russian.

What if we stop treating managed cloud services as products or services and start talking about them as projects or communities.

There is a Debian project, you can not copy it but you can use it or you can join and participate.

Same for the whatever service you have. For example email-as-a-service. Git hosting as a service. Database as a service.

You may have services ruled by benevolent or not so benevolent dictators, but you can also have services with open governance and ways to contribute

I renamed the essay to "Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement" and moved it to cooperativetechnology.codeberg

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@alcinnz I've thought about these things a lot lately. One thing that I can't quite get my head around is how a piece of software can be said to be libre, if it's impossible/extremely hard to modify. I'm not necessarily saying constraints are bad, but perhaps "the freedom to modify" takes on another meaning then. And what I strongly feel is missing in such cases, is good/accessible documentation.

I'm not done thinking about this, just curious to hear your (on anyone else's) viewpoint.

"Towards A Communal Software Movement"…


[ . . . ] it is not the freedom of machines we are concerned with, but the freedom of humans [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] It is not sufficient to narrowly focus on the people who directly interact with the computers that the software runs on. [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] we should carefully consider the motivational structures of the institutions which fund software development. [ . . . ]
[ . . . ] We do not emphasize source code in our political discourse because we recognize that creating high quality software requires much more than writing code. [ . . . ]


#CommunalSoftware #CommunalSoftwareMovement

This is a beautiful text.


/by @be @josias @alcinnz

software and community 

To circle back, I think calls or demands for Codes of Conduct, switching terms like "master" to "main", etc are not a great answer to building community. Instead, they are liberal demands for small gestures that are taped on a community by force. They are empty gestures. It's like a bank hanging up a rainbow flag.

Instead we should focus on what our communities actually are, how to build welcoming communities, and seek out rad communities.

Very interesting keynote by Allison Parrish about hacker culture:

By the end of it I noticed the irony of reading the transcript instead of watching the video 😄


Is there a way to exclude some accounts from the Home page?

I want to subscribe to some news bots, but I'd rather have them in a separate list, which I check from time to time. Currently the news simply flood my main Home stream.

I am currently using web UI if this matters.

And now I need to find a platform where one can discuss the topic of Copyleft and the Cloud

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The positive outcome of last few days:

1) I've looked into what Software Freedom Conservancy is doing. And it seems to be quite interesting and reasonable community.

2) I've learned many new names. (New for me, not for FOSS, obviously) There are a lot of interesting people out there, whom I should follow.

"Towards A Communal Software Movement" is now online! What do *you* think about it?

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