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Been recording some original rag-like music today. Just finished up a song called Crooked. There's a rough part or two, but it's most of the way there.

"#DesignJustice asks whether the affordances of a designed object or system disproportionately reduce opportunities for already oppressed groups of people while enhancing the life opportunities of dominant groups, independently of whether designers intend this outcome."

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A piece on a graphical representation of democracy and capitalism as decision making systems.

It also touches on the similarity of these graphs to deep recurrent neural networks and how social democracies with free markets act as an adaptive feedback system between the two.

I just found this very cool GAN video synthesis tutorial, wherein an AI learns to make fire from scratch.

Some fashion houses tried to bring codpieces back for spring 2020 and we got a pandemic, so now "How come I haven't seen any fancy codpieces around? Oh right, plague" is a thought I've shared with a 16th century lady-in-waiting.

TIL that Gregory (and then Euler) used 6.28… for their circle constant and that Euler only later switched to using 3.14…

Of course ε―†ηŽ‡ was found 1500 years before Euler was even born, and that’s in favor of the 3.14 camp, but still. It’s not obvious what the best circle constant should be.

Space aliens probably know how to play go at least to an extent that they would recognize the New Zeeland style rules. Square tesselation, cell-filling, liberty counting is something I could see them inventing.

But would they react to 3.14 is the question? Maybe they’d be like β€œhuh…? only half a turn? do they mean to signal a 180Β°!? a grave insult!”

Obv today in modern day Earth we can use both. Ο€ is pretty well established as half a turn and Ο„ can represent a full turn. When Ο€ is convenient, use it, and when a full turn is convenient, use it.

Please tell the good people of the internet that they can use these to make memes about memes.

Today is one of the rare Pythagorean Theorem Days: it’s December 16, 2020, and 12Β² + 16Β² = 20Β² πŸ“

The next ones will be on July 24, 2025 and October 24, 2026.

Is anyone around here ever using I'm just starting to get into it, and while I like just wandering through it like a wikipedia black hole of images I'm wondering how other people use it.

A lot of people seem to be very "designery" on it, but I like the other kinds of nerdy weirdness I find.

Recently, my partner and I moved to a more rural area, and now my partner's mom is visiting so we got her the NYTimes.

The Sunday edition arrives on Tuesday at our house.

I think I like it here.


This was written by an AI impersonating wint.

I wrote a new kind of license called a "lisens" that grants future simulators permission to simulate my consciousness and/or sense of self.

The reason was that I like to build simulations and AI models and have been thinking a bit about how that practice will look in the future. I've been wondering whether future researchers would find it unethical to simulate someone's consciousness. I wrote a blog post with more info here:

This 1984 AT&T promo video for cutting over a telephone service switch by literally cutting all the old lines... 47 seconds to cut the lines. Amazing.

For anyone interested in and , I've started working with and simulator to model an Arduino Braccio arm.

I put together a package with everything needed to simulate pick+drop of an object.

also wrote a little post about the

"memory foam" may be one of the most evocative and poetic phrases in the english language and we wasted it on beds for millionaires
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