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found these abandoned steps in the forest on our walk today

they've been abandoned so long the trees are starting to reclaim them

Making #apps that respect privacy is important, but if we want everyone from our kids to grandparents to use them, there needs to be a stellar user experience.

Not only does it need to be on-par with "the other" websites that everyone uses, the UX actually needs to be better.

Respect for the user's needs and desires is paramount to gain widespread adoption.

Here's to all the #dev folks that create easy to use, #opensource #software that respects #privacy.

Note: I'm just pinning this here so you have to scroll down further to see the dumb stuff I normally say.

@bonkerfield All tacos are good tacos. They are doing their best!

Shared a milestone on IndieHackers: Plausible Analytics now has more than 100 paying customers! May has been pretty crazy so far with 3 people on average per day deciding to de-Google-ify their sites and become paying customers 😲

click here to be reminded when that you clicked here long after you've forgotten about it

Quick reminder that Maslow's hierarchy of needs is based on his mid-twentieth century U.S. middle class man values wrote about how it might not apply to asian, arabic, native american cultures also wrote this nice one

Sophie Marschner turns real-world data into a digital topography in Monolith
Generative visuals and eerie sound design based on height maps of glaciers, canyons and estuaries.

I'm watching a Murder She Wrote episode where Jessica Fletcher is gonna learn how to computer!!

Oh. My. God.

They want her to endorse their new space game so they can maybe sell another 50,000 units??

ALSO they're installing a computer at her desk and I'm like -- what's the scammmmm??

I don't know anything about 1993 keyloggers or whatever.

"The 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work."

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as a side project, been playing with some quadraped bot AI stuff. at least we can all have a laugh at this blooper reel before the killbot comes after me.

mv my-notes-from-the-meeting{.txt,.md} # Use brace expansion to easily rename a file, in this case, changing the type from plain txt to markdown so you get the syntax highlighting autodetected.

Really liked this data-focused report about how to reduce your personal carbon footprint. (Haven't fact-checked it myself, but it feels consistent with other things I've read.)

#ClimateChange #carbon #lifestyle #data #FoundersPledge

With delight I announce that the #delightful project has its first delightful list.

The first entry of - hopefully - many to come is 'Databases' and was started by @yarmo

The repository README is updated, and a bunch of sub-pages with proper explanation were added, so please check it out :)

#foss #openscience #freecontent --> #freedom

Now, let's collect those gems πŸ’Ž

For any grumpy hipsters like me who are still on the birdsite, I made a firefox extension that hides any tweet with more than 1000 likes or retweets.

Behold as all those annoying rehashed memes disappear from your timeline.

You can learn more and install Twitter for Hipster from here:

β€œInfluencers are producing free content for a commercial platform that is making money off them. The platform is extracting the value of their labor”

I wish more influencers understood this and built a platform they own alongside their social profiles.

I just watched a fascinating profile of Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs outside Barcelona.

They are working on
-forest management
-sustainable energy
-wooden skyscrapers
-nature inspired design
-and rehabbing an abandoned vineyard

Keep a notebook where you write down your ideas, inspirations and wishes. Keep reading your old notes and improve upon them.

If something stays on the list for long enough, start working on it: you probably have given it enough thought now and it clearly seems worth it.

If we can't go to the pub, then I shall bring the pub to you. Join me at the top of the hour (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific) for new and classic Celtic folk, and maybe you bring along a pint of something you like.

I'll be coming to you live from O'Morain's Pub! See you in about 30!

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