This 1984 AT&T promo video for cutting over a telephone service switch by literally cutting all the old lines... 47 seconds to cut the lines. Amazing.

For anyone interested in and , I've started working with and simulator to model an Arduino Braccio arm.

I put together a package with everything needed to simulate pick+drop of an object.

also wrote a little post about the

"memory foam" may be one of the most evocative and poetic phrases in the english language and we wasted it on beds for millionaires

I've been buying men's deodorant for a while, mostly the scents are better but this one amuses me because it's called Quantum but the smell is the same one that gets called "baby powder" when it's being sold to women.

@jacethechicken WoAH Hold up. The caption is missing the joke here. It says that "circle" has been written in, but clearly, the funny part is that "circle" is the worksheet instructions, which the kid has circled.

Ok, I'm realizing I've had a rough day.

@mdszy there is no backwards anymore. the modern internet will only accept your progress.

utopian future in the 1980s: flying cars
utopian future in the 2020s: no cars

Achievement unlocked: getting introvert burnout when it's illegal to see your friends

Please enjoy the new online exhibit Post Hoc, with work by

Agnieszka Kurant
Christian Bök
Daniel Temkin
Derek BeaulieuForsyth Harmon
Lauren Lee McCarthy
Lilla LoCurto & Bill Outcault
Olia Liaina
Manfred Mohr
Mark Klink
Renée Green
Sly Watts
Susan Bee

responses by

Amaranth Borsuk
Craig Dworkin
Daniel Temkin
Fox Harrell
Mary Flanagan
Paul Stephens
Simon Morris & Valérie Steunou

It's at

We need to start calling things "cyberspace" again. And "information superhighway."

I have reached the "writing a 4 chapter philosophical treatise on the nature of identity and why I exist" part of the pandemic.

record scratches, camera freezes, etc.

So how did I get here? well when @mike and @kev wrote about why they blog and then started , I tried to write a quick summary of why I write a blog. But then that turned into why do I do anything, and the whole project snowballed, and 3ish weeks later I have described my "reasons."


@tomosaigon i think i see where you're going with this. the answer is a whopping 0, but that's why it called it a dream! 😅

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