@jacethechicken WoAH Hold up. The caption is missing the joke here. It says that "circle" has been written in, but clearly, the funny part is that "circle" is the worksheet instructions, which the kid has circled.

Ok, I'm realizing I've had a rough day.

@mdszy there is no backwards anymore. the modern internet will only accept your progress.

utopian future in the 1980s: flying cars
utopian future in the 2020s: no cars

Achievement unlocked: getting introvert burnout when it's illegal to see your friends

Please enjoy the new online exhibit Post Hoc, with work by

Agnieszka Kurant
Christian Bök
Daniel Temkin
Derek BeaulieuForsyth Harmon
Lauren Lee McCarthy
Lilla LoCurto & Bill Outcault
Olia Liaina
Manfred Mohr
Mark Klink
Renée Green
Sly Watts
Susan Bee

responses by

Amaranth Borsuk
Craig Dworkin
Daniel Temkin
Fox Harrell
Mary Flanagan
Paul Stephens
Simon Morris & Valérie Steunou

It's at nickm.com/post/2020/05/post-ho

We need to start calling things "cyberspace" again. And "information superhighway."

hey movie makers...

please stop pairing unnecessarily loud audio for intense action scenes with unnecessarily quiet dialogue. let me just set my volume at one level and leave it.

I have reached the "writing a 4 chapter philosophical treatise on the nature of identity and why I exist" part of the pandemic.

record scratches, camera freezes, etc.

So how did I get here? well when @mike and @kev wrote about why they blog and then started , I tried to write a quick summary of why I write a blog. But then that turned into why do I do anything, and the whole project snowballed, and 3ish weeks later I have described my "reasons."



@tomosaigon i think i see where you're going with this. the answer is a whopping 0, but that's why it called it a dream! 😅

Hello Mastodon! I have a request.

I'm trying to find a cafe that openly publishes their operating budget online. Has anyone ever heard of that?

Why? It's been my brother's and my dream to create a non-profit coop-type cafe that compensates workers fairly and keeps prices fair too. To do this I want to make some way for the whole org to be totally open. I've assumed that something like this must exist, but I just haven't ever been able to find it through a search engine or word of mouth.

My corporate work asked for a “funny picture of your pet”. So I sent them a picture of Kiki, my sourdough starter, who enjoys being fed and taking long walks. My boss followed up with me to make sure I was doing ok.

@soft I was just talking with someone about this. Our idea was we all just start guerrilla planting morning glories everywhere. I planted this last fall and it grew to this already. Hoping it'll cover the rest of our cement backyard by next year.

its 2020 we should be living in lush forested cityscapes

found these abandoned steps in the forest on our walk today

they've been abandoned so long the trees are starting to reclaim them

@ndegruchy I agree with you on IndieWeb stuff being hard to get working out of the box. The one really cool thing I did with it was connecting my conversations from social media back onto my site. If you're interested in just that part it isn't too tough to set up.

Pinning this toot.

From time to time, my opinions change. I have to take in the information as I get it and make the best I can of it. Lots of times, I get it wrong. Hopefully I get more right than wrong. If you're reading through my old posts or toots, please bear in mind that they are a time capsule, a point in time reference to my thoughts at the moment. Those thoughts have likely changed, even if just a little.

After all, I'm only human. If you have questions about my thoughts, just ask.

Making #apps that respect privacy is important, but if we want everyone from our kids to grandparents to use them, there needs to be a stellar user experience.

Not only does it need to be on-par with "the other" websites that everyone uses, the UX actually needs to be better.

Respect for the user's needs and desires is paramount to gain widespread adoption.

Here's to all the #dev folks that create easy to use, #opensource #software that respects #privacy.

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